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Nuisance CallerAccording to Terry Pratchett, ‘inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened’ and I think he’s got a point. Inside my head I’m aged 27 then something comes along to confuse my inner illusions.

I was flicking through the technology pages of the Sunday Times because I like to keep up with the latest gadgets and gizmos, being just 27 years old in my head, and came across a review of the latest cordless phone systems.

One that caught my eye was the British Telecom BT7800 which is apparently the best for blocking nuisance calls that blight my life so much. The overseas call centres wanting to ‘fix my computer’ if I give them remote access, the ‘were you mis-sold PPI’ calls from closer to home, the recorded sales pitch that always begins with a breathless ‘HELLO…’ and the dead line from those that can’t keep up with their own automated dialling systems.

Just the thing, I thought. The design looked okay too – nice big buttons and not too many of them, clear layout and a base station that you can play back messages on the answering machine rather than having to use the handset.

It was only when I got to the end of the review that my heart sank: ‘BT hasn’t slapped the words “old people’s phone” on this, but it might as well have’. How demoralising is that?

Anyway, when I did a Google image search to illustrate this post, who should pop up but my local Lib-Dem MP, Andrew Stunell who is very hot on nuisance calls it seems. That’s him above making one I think.

But I got my revenge and one I might have missed had I had my BT7600 because it might well have blocked the call I took tonight from Populus which was conducting a survey on political attitudes in general and in the Hazel Grove constituency in particular.

It gave me a remarkable amount of scope to rail against the government, the coalition and the Lib-Dems who can go whistle if they think they will ever get my vote again.

It was quite cathartic to make my views known to a complete stranger and in the hope that it might make for uncomfortable reading when Nick Clegg is presented with the results. Truth be told, I reckon these polling companies are the nearest thing we have to true democracy.

But as I sat and smugly imagined ruining the Cleggster’s day, the 27 year old inside me pointed out that I’d done the old person’s thing yet again – ranting about the state of politics while thinking that it might make a difference.

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  • Nuisance Called Pudding 28th January 2014

    Don’t get me started about nuisance calls or I will blow a fuse – then my hair might stand up like Andrew Stunnell’s. What a weird style! I think the guy needs a fashion makeover. Local rumour about Clegg – he’s planning to shift from Sheffield Hallam to a safer LibDem seat come the next election – perhaps Hazel Grove which I previously thought was a teenage character in “Coronation Street”. Didn’t Ken Barlow impregnate her?


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