Winter Wipeout

Total Winter WipeoutMy post the other day set me thinking about what sports ought to be included in the winter Olympics.

I was tempted with the idea of Alpine Snowballing, Short Track Speed Snowman Building, the Playground Slide Bobsleigh and the Grand Slalom Sledging on a Cheap Piece of Plastic, but I can see that the purists might object.

Then it came to me – why not introduce Total Winter Wipeout as the ultimate Olympic challenge? It’s a sport that has an international following (well at least in the UK and US) and it does attract genuine athletes, viz Eddie the Eagle Edwards who won the celebrity event in 2012. (I use the word celebrity loosely as I hadn’t heard of most of them)

It would also have the advantage of bringing Argentina into the winter Olympic family since that is where Wipeout is filmed due to total lack of health and safety regulations.

I think the idea has legs (possibly broken ones) and would be much more fun to watch than that ice dancing nonsense.

Swiss Bobsleigh Team in 1910

Swiss Bobsleigh Team in 1910

I’ve added a video of Total Winter Wipeout below, just in case Lord Coe or anyone from the IOC happens to be passing, but before I go, here’s a question for you – why is the bobsleigh is so called?

Give up? The bobsleigh began life as a high-end sledge with steering for the wealthy in Switzerland, designed to carry passengers at high-speed on the public highway.

Unlike today when you need to employ world-class sprinter to launch your bobsleigh down the track, the passengers would literally bob up and down to get the original bobsleigh moving and the name stuck.

Don’t say Shooting Parrots isn’t educational.


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  • Contrary Pudding 24th February 2014

    “Shooting Parrots isn’t educational,” I said.
    Another event I’d like to see is where dogs disappear through holes in icy ponds or lakes. Olympians have to dive under the ice to rescue the dogs. It’s a question of timing. Any Olympians who freeze to death or drown are automatically disqualified but it doesn’t matter about the dogs. However, pre-frozen dogs would not be allowed nor any Yorkshire Terriers or Welsh Corgis.


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