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Angels of GortonI’ve become a bit of a fan of Wowcher, the online discount store that offers all sorts of bargains on all manner of goods and services.

Admittedly I’m not in the market for everything they offer in their daily emails, like the 7-tier shoe rack and the drifting caster scooter they tried to tempt me with today, but some of the deals are really good if you’re into photography.

I’ve already had a couple of the 50-page hardback photobooks from Smiley Hippo for just £9.99 instead of the usual £31.99 and they make great souvenirs of our holidays in America and Thailand.

My latest bargain was the biggest yet, quite literally – a 36″ by 40″ photo canvas which cost £29.99 instead of £129.99 – which I decided I’d use to show off one of my photos from Gorton Monastery. It’s the one above and shows an angel near the time worn altar which has always been one of my favourites.

The thing is though, I hadn’t really thought through just how big 36″ by 40″ is, at least when it is a picture to go up on our wall, but there it hangs now, dominating our living room.

But the quality is excellent and great value, so I recommend any other snappers out there to watch out for the offer.

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  • Sweet Pudding 7th March 2014

    You did choose a good picture for your big canvas Ian. I like the fact that the angel is off-centre and i like the flaky paint too. It speaks to me of time and perhaps also of the fading glory of Christian worship in England. I hope Mrs Parrots likes it too. Best wishes YP (aka Neil!)

  • Trevor Rowley 8th March 2014

    Christian worship is alive and well, Mr Pudding. My church is three quarters full at the Saturday evening service and again on Sunday morning. At the Christmas services you need to get there a good half an hour before the kick off if you want a good seat. Broken statues are ten a penny – it’s what’s in our hearts that matters. Shall I save you a seat?

    • Sweet Pudding 9th March 2014

      No thank you Reverend Rowley. I worship Satan. And what’s in my heart are ventricles.
      P.S. Do you live in the nineteenth century?

  • Trevor Rowley 9th March 2014

    I managed to save you a seat, Mr Pudding, but, with your “no show,” I gave it up to Derek, our former Satan worshipper. He’s doing well on his recovery programme and no longer feels the need to spit nails and vomit. He sends his best wishes and wants to be remembered to you and the rest of the guys in the Cleckheaton Retired Miners’ coven. He says you always made him laugh when you took your clothes off. Oh, and the goat sends her love as well.

  • Mr Parrot 10th March 2014

    Now, now boys – belief or lack of it is a matter of personal choice, whether given by God or nature!

    • Sweet Pudding 10th March 2014

      You’ve got barbed wire between your buttocks my lad! Just like Nick Clegg.


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