Ward ChartAs a child of the welfare state, I have great affection for the National Health Service which is one the reasons I was proud to have worked on its behalf,  but sometimes I despair of the state it is in.

One of the reasons I have posted even less than usual is because my dad has been quite ill lately. I won’t go into the detail except to say that it has necessitated a stay in his local hospital.

I have various gripes and complaints about the way he was treated, mostly to do with the total lack of communication by his physician, his too early discharge and his inevitable readmission. Pretty much the sort of things you hear too often these days. But last night I saw something that left me completely speechless.

I was chatting to dad when I saw writing on a tissue on his bedside table and picked it up out of curiosity only to find that it was the doctor’s notes from earlier in the day. That’s a photo of it above.

Apparently, he or she  didn’t have dad’s notes, or a notepad, or even a scrap a paper and so used one of dad’s tissues to note down his temperature, blood pressure etc. Or would have done except that he or she didn’t have a pen either and asked to borrow one from dad.

Both my sister and me looked at other drop-jawed as dad told us this in that matter of fact way of his. There was nothing we could say that made any sort of sense of what we’d seen.

We have various other complaints that I won’t bore you with here. All I would say is to avoid Tameside General if you can, especially if you are elderly, ill and vulnerable.

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  • Iain 20th March 2014

    I saw that last night and couldn’t believe it. I just hope he’s not in there to long if that’s how their treating him. Bet he’s gutted he missed the United turn around last night, hopefully he’ll be out for the derby next Tuesday.

  • Elizabeth 20th March 2014

    Oh, Ian, I’m so sorry that you and your family have had to deal with this on top of your dad’s illness but, sadly, these stories seem to be more and more prevalent and I could tell similar ones of the times my late mum was in hospital. As we say around these parts, I hope your dad goes on alright…

  • Vigilante Pudding 20th March 2014

    All my encounters with the NHS have been positive. I am so sorry that your dad’s care has been disappointing to say the least. The doctor with the tissue paper needs a good kicking. I’ll wait with you in the car park. We should wear balaclavas. I’ll bring the baseball bats.

  • John 20th March 2014

    Hope your dad improves soon……
    Nice to catch up finally


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