Sparrow HawkThere are some people who like cats, there are those who prefer dogs and there are even those who claim to like both. Not that I believe them – that’s just mutually contradictory double thinking.

Nineteen Eighty-Four aside, I fall very much into the canine camp for all sorts of reasons. On the positive side, dogs are loyal, loving and think you (the owner) is perfect. In fact the only animal to have seen his god as someone once said.

The negatives are all feline, of course. Cats are cold, distant and aloof and believe they are doing you a favour by allowing you to live with them, not the other way round.

But what really annoys me about cats is the way they go around terrorising the local wildlife, especially the birds that feed in our garden. How many times have I come across the evidence of a few scattered feathers and blood on the lawn. Except it wasn’t a cat.

I was looking out at several pigeons scavenging for seed in the garden this afternoon when they suddenly took to the air. Bar the one that had been pounced upon by the sparrow hawk pictured above. I’ve spared you the gorier photo, but the assassin sat there for several minutes eviscerating his catch then disappeared leaving not much behind.

JoeIt pains me to say it, but I apologise to all the local cats for maligning you as far as the wildlife is concerned. I still don’t like you much though.

Things are a little traumatic on the dog front too. With my dad in hospital we’ve had to take in Joe, his rather excitable border collie for the duration. (That’s him on the left)

That wouldn’t be so bad except that our fifteen year old overgrown Jack Russell has also been unwell, in fact we’ve had two trips to see the vet for various pills and injections and having another male about the place isn’t helping much.

Why does everything seem to happen all at once?

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  • Tiddles Pudding 22nd March 2014

    I am a cat-man. In another life, I would jump on women’s laps and they’d stroke me – tickle my tummy and listen to me purr. Why would I want to eat wild birds when I could nosh on “Felix” or “Kit-e-Kat”? And for your information – dogs are nobheads.

  • Iain 25th March 2014

    One of my favourite jokes is “If you want to find out who your real best friend is, lock your wife and dog in the boot of your car for 2 hours. Then see who’s happy to see you when you let them out”. And for your information cats are absolute knob-heads


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