Bad Penny

Bad PennyJust when you thought it was safe to go back in the blogosphere, up turns Mr Parrot like the proverbial bad penny.

I haven’t written a word for well over a year and, if I’m honest, there is no good reason or excuse to explain it. I just ran out of steam as far as blogging was concerned to the point where it became a chore, not a pleasure, and my posts simply fizzled out.

Oddly, it took a rather serious incident to bring me back to the keyboard. Given my self-enforced absence, it is very unlikely that you would have visited this place recently, but if you had you would have found nothing but a blank screen. The reason for this is that my web space had been hacked by evil spammers who took over my sites to send out malicious emails and the like.

My service provider put a block on Shooting Parrots while I toiled away to remove the files that were hijacking the site, a process that took far longer than you might think. I then spent some time rebuilding the site, hopefully with more effective security than before.

Strange to say, this has given me the momentum to impose my opinions on an unlistening world yet again. I can’t promise it will be each and every day, but rather more frequently than has been the case for the last eighteen months.

As you can imagine, quite a lot has happened in our lives since we last spoke and I will update you over the next few days

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 8th December 2015

    Ho! Ho! I thought you were forever gone and prayed for your deliverance into the welcoming arms of Our Father Which Art in Yorkshire. I even blogged about your disappearance! See

  • Rhymeswithplague 8th December 2015

    Though your posts may have fizzled out, your worldwide audience is elated to learn that you didn’t. Dancing in the aisles now occurring in the most unexpected places.

    • Mr Parrot 9th December 2015

      That is very kind of you… I think. Dancing in the aisles is fine, but I draw the line at dancing on tables.

  • Roger Green 11th December 2015

    Well, I for one am glad you’re back! And commenting, too! Thank you.

  • Trevor Rowley 18th December 2015

    Well, what a surprise, Mr P. After all this time you are back with us in the land of the living. I did email you, months ago, to ask if all was well but, getting no reply, I assumed the worst. How were things in the Strangeways Hotel and is there honey still for tea? Good to have you back, me old mucker.

    PS In the meantime, they’ve closed down our old school and I believe it’s up for sale to the developers. This probably means that a grand old building (1910?) will be subjected to demolition before it’s built on.

    • Mr Parrot 19th December 2015

      Thanks Trevor – it’s good to be back. Sorry I didn’t reply to your email. I have six different email accounts and wasn’t checking the one for the website which was remiss of me.

      I had heard that the old school was about to crumble to dust to make way for a new housing estate. There was a failed petition to save it, but you can’t stand in the way of progress or Tameside Council, if that isn’t an oxymoron.

      I missed the public meeting in July, but I did contact the developer to ask if I would be allowed to take some photograph before the demolishers set to work and got the following reply:

      Unfortunately access to the buildings by members of the public is no longer possible because the College has relocated activities to the new facilities in Ashton. However, the College will take its own records of the building, along with photos, and will make these available in due course. It is also likely that the planning application will include material relevant to your request that should also be of interest to you and publically viewable.

      I will follow up that email to make sure they deliver on the promise.

  • Trevor Rowley 23rd December 2015

    I went back to the old school, by appointment, in August last – just a week before the new intake were due in for registering on their new courses. I was allowed to sieve through the old pupils’ individual record cards and found several for my former classmates which I have since been able to reunite with their “rightful owners.” I then rambled round the corridors (still the old cream and green tiling) and found two of my former classrooms. Even looking in through windows in locked classroom doors, the memories were plenty.


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