PackagingAs Christmas approaches, more and more parcels of online ordered presents are arriving at Parrot Towers with all the necessary recycling of cardboard that this entails. But there would be a lot less if some of the suppliers could get their act together.

The photo is of a parcel that arrived from Amazon today. It measures some 21″ x 14″ x 5″ and all it contained was a new lead for Dottie that you can see plonked in the middle. Whether the brown paper filling was meant to protect the purchase or simply to stop it rattling about in its own vacuum of space is anyone’s guess.

Speaking of Christmas and Dottie, she had her first encounter with our cheesey singing Santa today as we set to work on the festive decorations. I sneaked the short video below which has no great artistic merit, but helps keep Miss P up to date in faraway Japan.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 12th December 2015

    Poor little Dottie! She was clearly distressed and yet you continued to torment her with that miniature plastic image of yourself dressed up as Santa. However, you are so right about packaging. Very wasteful.

  • gerald 20th December 2015

    I think the doggie is right to be suspicious – totally agree about the excess packaging (tried to make this comment last night from my tablet and it failed)


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