Deck the halls…

Morris the MooseIt has been a busy day since we finally got round to decorating the house for Christmas.

It’s one of the jobs that seems to take up much more time than you think it should – I’m guessing that ‘advent’ translates from the original Latin as ‘the time for untangling fairy lights’.

We were out earlier to buy a tree, the live (or living dead) one that stands in conservatory as a sort of extension festive token for the artificial, pre-lit jobbie in the living room. And aren’t they expensive those ‘real’ trees? (That’s the artificial one below btw)

Christmas TreeMrs P has done the hard work of decorating the halls with boughs of holly (ie tinsel), although you can see that I’ve been the real heavy lifting with the Christmas greeting that I’ve incorporated on the right-hand side of this page.

The problem is that it doesn’t end there. The decorating drags on for days with just a brief respite before Twelfth Night when we have to take the whole lot down aand pack it away in boxes ready for next year. I think I might be getting too old for this malarkey.

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