Tie-dye Dottie

Dottie the GrinchWe went to the Christmas party at Chadkirk Dog Training Club last night, as we have done for the last three or four years, but this time is was a little different because I was there as a member, rather than just the bloke who takes photos for their website.

I’ve been taking Dottie there for a couple of months in an attempt to instil in her the basics of obedience – ie stay, wait, sit, down etc. It has been something of an uphill battle because she tends to regard the classes as playtime with her pals. And as my dad likes to point out, if you want a dog that does obedience you wouldn’t choose a terrier.

The GrinchAs it was fancy dress for the dogs we thought she would make a good Grinch with a liberal application of the green hair spray that kids use at Halloween. We actually applied it with a sponge, rather than spraying it on and the effect must have worked because people knew who she was meant to be.

She did well in the sausage race though. This entailed four dogs charging from one end of the room to the other while ignoring the three paper plates of sausage slices along the way. Amazingly, Dottie managed it which couldn’t be said for most of the other ‘well-trained’ obedience dogs!

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