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Have a break...…have a Kit-Kat. That quintessential English chocolate and wafer finger snack forever linked with a cup of tea and elevenses, well at least from 1911 when it was invented by Rowntrees of York.

It so much a staple snack that some might call it boring, but I recall the excitement when Nestlé introduced the Kit-Kat chunky which like a Kit-Kat except it was… er, chunkier and who can forget the limited edition dark chocolate version. Oh yes, here in the UK we are not afraid to push back the boundaries of confectionery exploration.

Or so I thought until Miss P arrived home for Christmas from Japan last night. It seems that where sweet-toothed experimentation is concerned, we lag way behind the land of the rising sun.

...have a Kit-KatApparently in Nagoya, where she lives, there are Kit-Kat emporiums where they have creations that can only have leapt from the mind of some mad Frankenstein chocolatier.

You can see from the photo above that one of them appears to be Kit-Kat on toast and it appears again in the open box in the middle on the left. Most of the packaging is in kanji, but I can make out that one is strawberry cheesecake, and there is a mint version, assuming that a green wrapper is a universal indication of what is inside.

There is also a Halloween Kit-Kat which is appropriate for a company willing to create an inhuman chocolate back from the body parts of other snacks.

I can’t tell you what they taste like as I haven’t actually tried one – I’m still plucking up the courage – but I suspect that they will be jolly nice and I will never again be able to enjoy an ordinary Kit-Kat without a deep sense of disappointment.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 21st December 2015

    It must be lovely for you and Madame La Parrot to have your chick back in the nest. Thailand and now Japan. She is garnering memories and growing as a human being. Where to next I wonder? Ashton-under-Lyne?

    Sp. confectionery NOT confectionary


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