Strange Coincidence

The Man in the High CastleI hadn’t intended to publish a post today, what with it being Christmas Day, but I had one of those strange coincidences that make you scratch your head in wonder.

While I was waiting for the family to gather for the exchange of presents, I had a look at Amazon to see what amazing bargains there might be on offer when the teaser ad at the top of the page to watch The Man in the High Castle caught my eye. It looked interesting so I clicked the link and started watching the first episode.

So far, so normal, except that I never, ever watch films or tv on my computer screen – I much prefer the comfort of the sofa to my office-type desk chair.

Nazi America MapFast forward to the present opening and what should I get from my son but a copy of The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick. Now you must understand that I had heard of neither book nor series before this morning and it took me a few seconds even to make the connection.

I suppose that it demonstrates how in tune my son is with my tastes in fiction, but a very strange coincidence nonetheless.

I’m buggered if I know what it signifies though. Merry Christmas.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 26th December 2015

    I am glad that my surname is not Dick! At school the author was known as Pip Dick. The K stands for Kinkily. Not the kind of name to attract young women when Pip was at college so he spent most of his time hiding monkishly in the top floor library. That is where the idea for “The Man in the High Castle” was spawned.

    Yes, a weird co-incidence.


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