Bidh mi ‘gad fhaicinn

ColormunkiOne way to guarantee satisfaction with your Christmas presents is to buy at least one of them yourself and my little ‘with love to me from me’ this year was s the ColorMunki Smile Calibrator shown on the left.

No, it isn’t a device for measuring the width of your festive grin, its purpose is to set the colour on your computer monitor accurately.

I realised I had a problem with my monitor settings when I saw that the navigation bar above was showing as a sort of insipid pink, rather than the creamy colour it is supposed to be. And no amount of fiddling with the monitor controls and color management control panel would fix it.

The Colormunki makes the task simple – load the software, plug it in, set it on the screen and in a few minutes the colours are as they were intended. This might sound pernickety, but it is pretty important when you’re processing photos on your PC.

Speaking of which, I hope to have a few photos to share in a few days time when I get back from our Hogmanay outing to Edinburgh. Mrs P already has us lined up for visits to the castle, Holyrood etc, plus we are going to the Concert in the Gardens to see Biffy Clyro who I now know are a ‘they’ rather than a ‘she’ or a ‘he’.

All of which will leave no time for blogging so I will be absent for a few days, so I’ll wish you a premature Happy New Year and ‘Bidh mi ‘gad fhaicinn’ which I am reliably informed means ‘I’ll be seeing you’ in Scottish Gaelic and is easier to copy and paste than pronounce.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Elizabeth 29th December 2015

    That sounds a brilliant device Ian. I too have difficulty calibrating colour correctly for photographs, so thank you for the tip-off.

    Have a lovely time in Scotland. Wishing you and yours the very best for 2016.

  • Roger Green 29th December 2015

    Look forward to reading your wisdom in 2016.


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