Hare New Year, Hare New Year, New Year Hare, New Year Hare…

NativityI’ve never really thought about what it is that the Hare Krishnas actually believe in, other than finger-cymbals, pink robes and repetitive mantras, but it seems they do believe in Hogmanay. We got back from the Concert in the Parks at around 1 am and found a Hare Krishna party going on outside our front door. They seemed a very jolly bunch and they were happily handing out shortbread to passers-by without pausing for breath.

Their chanting went on until about 2:30 which was bad luck on Master P who was trying his best to get to sleep on the sofa. Our bedroom, on the other hand, was on the other side of the building, plus the bathroom ‘vault’, to insulate us from the racket, and from the noise of the street cleaners that took over where the krishnas left off.

Hoy Postbox TwoI have to say I was impressed with the street cleaning. The streets had looked like a war zone when we left the celebrations, but were pretty much clean and clear when I got up early on New Year’s Day.

I wasn’t early enough to join Mrs and Miss P who had set off to catch the sunrise over Arthur’s Seat, but there were a few photos I wanted to get, including David Hume’s shiny toe that I wrote about the other day.

Hoy PostboxWay back in 2012, the Royal Mail painted some of their red postboxes gold in the home towns of our Olympic gold medal winners. I managed to get photos of two of them and our Edinburgh trip gave me the opportunity to get two more which you can see here.

Both of them are dedicated to Chris (now Sir Chris) Hoy which seems a bit greedy if you ask me, especially as one of them is a double postbox.

And that pretty much brought our Edinburgh jaunt to and end. We left late morning for the long drive home in time to get Miss P on her flight back to Japan which was a sad finale to a holiday that passed all too quickly.

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