Fun-sized Terrorists

Yorkshire Pudding reflects on the awfulness of the plight of Syrian refugees attempting to get to Europe from Turkey and the incomprehensible inhumanity of those who seek to profit from the situation.

The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place, especially if you happen to be a non-combatant in the Middle East and elsewhere. It reminded me of the regular round-robin email I received from the Visual Thesaurus the other day on their ‘euphemism of the year’ – fun-sized terrorists.

That is the term that military drone-operators use to describe for the children they have targeted or killed, that or the even more awful ‘cutting the grass before it grows too long’.

The Visual Thesaurus sets it alongside other military obfuscation, such as collateral damage, enhanced interrogation techniques, and sunshine units, but I disagree. At least those terms, indecent though they may be, are attempting to hide something terrible in plain sight. To me, those using fun-sized terrorists are actually revelling in the horror of their work.

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  • Roger Green 13th January 2016

    That’s a TERRIBLE term. If someone used it to describe Americans, there’d be great hue and cry.


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