FiddlingAs Mrs P is more than willing to confirm, I am a bit of a messer – once I find something that interests me, I can’t leave it alone and keep on messing and fiddling with a project even if it is already perfectly acceptable.

This blog site is a good example. Since I got it up and running again in December, I can’t help but tweak this and that so that it never looks the same from one day to the next.

My latest bit of messing includes the round images on the blog teasers on the home page. It came about because I started to use a different plugin for your comments in the right-hand column which has round icons for each commenter, a design feature I decided to extend to the rest of the page, including the images link to my Flickr page.

I’m also trying something different with videos. Previously, I just embedded them in the page which is simple enough, but I wanted them to pop out of the page, as it were, in the same way that my images do. Yesterday’s post is a good example – with a plugin and a bit of coding, videos will now appear as thumbnails from YouTube that you can click, or not, to view.

And I’ve changed the parrot image in the header, having made use of the Adobe stock image library, rather than just relying on one that I could filch from the web.

At least that’s the plan for today – tomorrow it could be entirely different.

UPDATE: It already is – I decided that it was all too much and switched my Flickr images back to boring squares.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • EG CameraGirl 16th January 2016

    I also like to mess with things…but not my blog. I’m too afraid I might accidentally delete the whole thing. LOL (And I’m not kidding.)

    • Mr Parrot 16th January 2016

      It can be too easy to mess up your website if you mess with the .php files, but if you just stick to the css file you can make cosmetic changes without much risk.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 17th January 2016

    I think that your blog has a lovely, clean appearance Ian and the tweaks are always about improvement. You are a clever fellow – but as Mrs P says a “messer”! Now zip up your flies, tuck your shirt in, pick up your dirty socks, have a shave, polish your glasses and comb your hair!

    • Mr Parrot 17th January 2016

      Thank you for you comment about my website, but how do you know about my untucked shirt, need for a shave and a haircut and grubby glasses? I’m beginning to think you have our home bugged!


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