Wrong Band, Right Track

Glenn FreyI had one of those senior moments this morning as I listened to the news of Glenn Frey’s death. I’ve never been a great Eagles fan, but I was thinking that they did that really great song that I couldn’t quite bring to mind. They played clips from all their hits: Take it Easy, Desperado, Tequilla Sunrise, Lyin’ Eyes, One of These Nights as so on, but still not the song nagging away at the back of my mind. (Although what’s not to like about Hotel California?)

When I got up I Googled the band, but my memory wasn’t jogged, then I hunted round for the CD compilation I knew we had somewhere and couldn’t find that either. I knew it had something to do with drinking alcohol, but it wasn’t until lunchtime that the penny finally dropped. I was thinking of a different band altogether.

The track that refused to be dragged from my memory was actually Deacon Blues by Steely Dan – and I didn’t, in fact, own an Eagles compilation album.

Sad though it is that another old rocker has gone from us, I can’t be hypocritical enough to include one of their tracks here, so here is the long, live, ‘right’ track from Steely Dan instead.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 19th January 2016

    If Glenn Frey’s grieving family happen upon this blogpost, they will be overwhelmed by your heartfelt obituary accompanied by…err… a track by Steely Dan! It’s obvious that Frey had a big impact upon your life.

  • EG CameraGirl 19th January 2016

    Seems like we’re losing more than just a few great people lately. I guess we are getting older and so are they. Hm.


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