Life’s Little Irritants – No 23

Fish and chipsFriday night is fish and chip night in our house which I get from our local chippie, Matt’s Plaice (geddit?) which is just a few minutes drive away.

There is always a queue and that often means that the queue overflows on to the street which is fine in summer, but a little uncomfortable in the cold and rain of winter. I don’t mind though because Matt does make exceedingly good fish and chips.

What I do mind though is the erosion of chippie etiquette when it comes to queueing. It isn’t too difficult – you go through the door, joining the end of the queue, then all shuffle along the back wall as the people in front of you are served until you reach the counter and it becomes your turn.

It’s simple good manners really because you are making room for those stuck outside to come in from the cold, but so many customers don’t get it these days. Instead of moving up to fill the gaps, they stand by the door so no-one else can get in. Sometimes it is just a lack of understanding of chippie etiquette, but more often than not, they are distracted by prodding away at their mobile phones and not paying attention.

A minor irritation I agree, but irritating nonetheless, and definitely needs adding to the citizenship lessons in the National Curriculum.

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