There has been a problem with my service provider server and you may have been unable to leave comments. Worse still, I couldn’t access the dashboard for my site. I’ve fixed the comments issue by temporarily switching off the need to complete the name and email fields, but if you do have problems, please let me know via the contacts page.

Thank you

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  • Roger Green 28th January 2016

    Wow. My blog was down nearly 6.5 hours yesterday.
    As for yours, I couldn’t make comments for over a week. It kept telling me I needed to fill in the name and email, which had autofilled. I RETYPED them, but had no better luck! Until today…

    • Mr Parrot 28th January 2016

      I thought it had gone quiet. There was a problem with the name and email being mandatory — my site wasn’t recognising that people had done that. I’ve since switched that rule off while I find out what the problem is.


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