Animal Farming

Dolly the SheepAmazing how time flies isn’t it. One minute a story is red hot news and before you know it, it has faded like the newsprint in fish and chip paper wrappings and consigned to history.

I was thinking this as I listened to a feature on the radio about Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell, using the process of nuclear transfer. (No, I’m none the wiser either)

It seems no time at all that the world was alternately wringing its hands at the implications of cloning and patting its collective back at just how clever we all are. Well some of us anyway. But it wasn’t yesterday, it was twenty years ago and as far as I can tell, the world hasn’t been flooded with sinister clones, unless you count Piers Morgan and George Osborne.

Dolly went on the have a longish life for a sheep, dying in 2003, but presumambly there could still be lots of other Dollys out there, each a clone of the original.

The photo above is of Dolly’s stuffed remains that you will find at the National Museum of Scotland as a permanent tribute to the Haggis.

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  • EG CameraGirl 9th February 2016

    I never would have guessed Dolly was cloned 20 years ago! Yep, time sure does fly!


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