Chadkirk Chapel MonkI’ve never really understood the attraction of using your mobile phone as a camera. I appreciate that it is handy to have something always about you that you can capture the moment with, but the pictures are invariably rubbish in my opinion. The limitations of the lens affect quality, but for me it’s the fiddliness of lining up the shot, then pressing the touchscreen shutter while trying to keep the damned thing steady.

No matter how hard you try, you still end up with something blurry, but that’s technology for you – compromising quality for the sake of convenience.

LunchboxEven so, I thought it was about time I explored Instagram, home of the phone photo, if for no other reason than it’s another way to keep track of what Miss P is up to in Japan.

She is an avid Instagrammer (if that’s the right word), her usual subject being the creative lunchboxes that the children she teaches bring to school, like the one on the right.

Dottie's PigAnd having joined, it seemed only polite that I add a few contributions of my own, an example being the carved wooden monk figure outside Chadkirk Chapel which I snapped on Saturday while taking Dottie for a walk. One good thing about Instagram is that having your mediocre photo, at least you can make it a little more interesting by applying one of the many filters, like Dottie’s Pig on the left.

I’ve added an link to my Instagram with the other social icons at the top of the page, plus a widget showing a few of my snaps in the sidebar. Whether it remains there is another matter.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Mosh 15th February 2016

    Camera phones have come a long way in the last 5 years or so to the point where the quality of some is simply staggering. Sure, they’re not as good as a half-decent DSLR, but for something you can carry in your pocket the results can often be pretty impressive. Sure, there’s a trade-off for convenience but I’ve occasionally taken photos with my smart phone which, compared with pics from my full size point and click at the same location/event, have actually been better.

    • Mr Parrot 15th February 2016

      I agree that phone camera quality has improved, particularly in image resolution, but I still think they are hampered by the mechanics of actually taking the shot. Most photos look okay at small size, but deteriorate as you enlarge them. There are exceptions though, like my daughter’s lunchbox photo above which is as good as anything I could do with my DSLR.


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