Too Much Too Much TV

Too Much TVIt’s the couch potato’s dilemma – what to watch on tv when there is so much to watch on tv?

I’ve lost count of the number of channels available on cable, not to mention the extra ones I pay for, like sport and films. Then there is pay-per-view, rent a box set, iPlayer, catch-up tv, Amazon Firestick – it seems everyone who would lighten your wallet has something that is the must-see of the moment.

So knowing this, what do you think the audience researchers at the BBC conclude that we need piled on top? How about Too Much TV – a programme that looks at all the tv that’s on tv so we can find out what we missed.

I could understand the purpose of the show if it focused on the obscure, the programmes you might have watched had you been able to cut the dross and make your way to channels new, but going off their first attempt last night, they seems to want to concentrate on the popular, big-audience shows – ie the ones that the majority of viewers have already watched. So what’s the point?

All they’re doing is filling the air-time with a programme about programmes we’ve already seen, or wouldn’t dream of watching even if we had the time.

Worse still, the 6:30pm slot it fills has taken the place of the excellent Great British Railway Journeys series which was actually worth watching. I wonder if it’s hidden away on some specialist channel somewhere…

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 1st March 2016

    I would have loved to watch “Great British Railway Journeys” but I find Michael Portillo very off-putting. In fact he makes me want to retch. With a different host I would probably have viewed this series avidly. Someone like Ulrika Jonsson would have been nice even though she is looking rather world weary these days. But I remember what we had…

    • Mr Parrot 1st March 2016

      Michael Portillo became a much nicer person since he stopped being a politician and rejoined the human race. MPs on all sides of the house should look and learn.

  • Roger Green 1st March 2016

    Oddly, the more there is to watch, the less I watch. I SHOULD watch X, or Y, but my life would be just that,so the heck with it..

  • gerald 2nd March 2016

    Saw a bit of the progamme – not actual watching it – in the background while on t’computer. I wouldn’t pay to watch any TV these days – I record things I want to watch and watch them when I want to do – there’s enough of that I don’t need any more.

  • Lee 3rd March 2016

    With all the new steaming etc., etc., I’m all confused. If I get this one, I’ll probably immediately discover that one is better…or that other one better again than the first two….and on and on it goes. So, for the meantime, I shall remain confused.

    It’s a state I’m used to, anyway! 🙂


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