Lost Memories

BambinoSome time ago I came across a stack of old postcards in our local church thrift shop and bought them out of interest. My first thought was that they were someone’s memories that had passed to the shop counter after their death, but since they are all from the early 20th century, that seems very unlikely.

I suspect that they belonged to a local deltiologist (that’s a postcard collector to you and me) and that they had ended up there for the same reason.

About half of the stack commemorate someone’s grand tour since they cover the sights of Paris, Switzerland and northern Italy and are dated on the back between July and September 1910. Photography wasn’t really available to the masses, but why take you own when you had professional photos available on postcard for a few centimes or centesimi.

There is a whole series of the ceramic tondi from the Hospital of the Innocents in Florence, like the one above which I believe is the one used as the logo of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Marie StudholmeOn the right is an image of Yorkshire lass, Marie Studholme, someone I’d never heard of before, but apparently she was a very successful actress and singer in Victorian and Edwardian music hall. This one was actually posted from Skipton to a Mr Tom Pighills at Street House Cottages, Addingham, West Yorkshire, who may well be this person. I’m not sure who it is from as it is simply signed with the initials L H.

BlackpoolOther cards are of a much later vintage like the one on the left from June 1945 and showing the North Shore at Blackpool. It shows Queen’s Promenade taken from about where the roundabout is today and shows Uncle Tom’s Cabin lift tower in the far distance at the end of the garden walk.

For once the message on the back is very clear. It is from someone called Billy to his friends Mr and Mrs Bell of Drummelzier, by Biggar, in Scotland. He says: ‘I’m afraid it’s quite different from Drum’.

Fascinating stuff – I might have the makings of a deltiologist yet!

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 3rd March 2016

    Marie Studholme was blessed with gorgeous good looks that could have melted any man’s heart. Where did you say she came from?

    In my view, buying all those old postcards was a fine decision – so many memories, so much history and a palpable sense of long departed people. I wonder what we will leave behind to be discovered in junk shops and jumble sales in 2116?

    • Mr Parrot 3rd March 2016

      I did say she was from Yorkshire if you read carefully – I have no prejudices when it comes to attractive women! Tom Pighills is an entirely different matter…

  • Lee 3rd March 2016


    The above site is for Yorkie’s information. 🙂

    An interesting post, Mr. Parrot; and I learned a new word – deltiologist. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard the word used, or even seen it written. It’s great to learn new words and the meanings thereof.

    • Mr Parrot 4th March 2016

      Thanks Lee. I had to look up the word deltiologist myself – we have a word for everything, even postcard collectors!

  • Elizabeth 14th March 2016

    What a fascinating find Ian. I love it when things like this turn up and give us an insight into the lives of others in times past.


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