So where’s the corn for popping?

Winter Garden

Winter Garden

It has been another unwintery winter, at least until today when I opened the curtains to a very white car park that the night before had been the main road past our house.

Where it came from I’m not sure as it was simply raining hard when I went to bed and not especially cold. And it has showed no sign of stopping, well not until mid-afternoon.

We’ve had about three or four inches of the white stuff which isn’t much compared to other parts of the world, but here it is enough to close schools and make roads impassable. I was meant to take my dad for a hospital appointment first thing, but that had to be cancelled and the helpful woman on the phone told me it had taken her an hour to complete her usual five minute drive to work.

Mrs P also had an appointment this afternoon, although this was was to get her nails done. The roads were clear by then, but she couldn’t get her Smart car off the drive, so she ended up walking there with the dog in tow.

Charlie ChaplinThe funny thing is, we get one morning of snow and look at the empty fridge and start to wonder whether we’ll be reduced to eating candle wax or boiled shoe leather like Charlie Chaplin.

As it was, Mrs P picked up some pizzas while on her trek, so the dog can stop eyeing the roasting tin so suspiciously, at least until tomorrow.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 4th March 2016

    It’s not such a “smart” car if Mrs P can’t get it off the drive. Maybe it should be renamed “dumb” car! And to answer your question about where the snow came from – it came from the sky where the angels where having a feather pillow fight.

    • Mr Parrot 5th March 2016

      “Angels where having a feather pillow fight”? It isn’t often I get to pick you up on things!

  • Steve 6th March 2016

    It’s always funny to see people’s reactions to snow in England. Amounts that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow in North America seem to paralyze commuters here. I get it, though — it’s not a frequent occurrence!

  • Mrs P 8th March 2016

    Oy Mr Pudding! Don’t you dare talk about my Noddy like that. He is smart enough to tell me when he needs a service. Oo er Matron – I think this is going in the wrong direction ……….


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