Lost in Translation

DusterI’m not one of those who finds the bad English you come across on signs and restaurant menus when on foreign holidays as hilarious as the average Daily Mail reader.

The poor souls are doing their best to make a bob or two from us British tourists with our bizarre spelling and odd grammar and odder newspaper habits.

(Actually, I have a theory that they do it on purpose to draw in the punters or get free publicity in the Mail’s Picture That! feature, but that is another matter.)

However, you’d think they would try harder on packaging of products that are being marketed to the English speaker, like the one above that came with a Fibre Flexible Bendable Duster that Mrs P ordered the other day.

I am not wise in the ways of housework, but it apparently has more hydroscopicity than cotton, whatever that means. But the company presumably importing them is based in Leeds which could explain the garbled English. If not, harder must they try.

Duster Cover

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 5th March 2016

    “However, you think they would try harder…” should surely be – “However, you would think they would try harder…”. Did you compose this blogpost in Leeds?

    • Mr Parrot 5th March 2016

      You’d think so wouldn’t you? 🙂

  • Steve 6th March 2016


    I love bad English. (At the risk of being politically incorrect, I think “Changlish” is the term, at least for items like this that are probably manufactured in China.)

  • Trevor Rowley 7th March 2016

    Us Brits are a rum lot, we make fun of Johnny Foreigner because he can’t master the English language, yet there are many natives on these shores who aren’t much better with their own language. However, I always have a chuckle when I see humorous attempts when on my hols. Some years ago, I came across a hotel advertising “French widows in every bedroom.” Yeh, right! Try getting that past the Trading Standards people.

  • Mr Parrot 7th March 2016

    Hee hee, if only. You do have to admire other nationalities ability with English, even if they mess up now and then. Mind you, they only have one language to learn, while we have dozens.


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