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Too BusyThis has been a hectic week one way and another. I was with my dad on Monday for my regular visit/shopping trip, then again today for his appointment with the hospital consultant.

His health isn’t brilliant and unlikely to get much better, so we will be regulars at the hospital for the foreseeable, in fact we’re due back there again next Friday for a bone scan.

On top of that, I’ve started another short-term work contract for a couple of months, just two days a week until June, but that is two days when I’m normally left to my own devices, picking over the web and generally keeping what I call busy and Mrs P calls pottering.

Anyway, the upshot is that I haven’t had as much spare time for visiting other people’s blogs for which I apologise. Normal service will hopefully be resumed before too long.

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  • Lee 1st April 2016

    The “joys” of growing older! Have to cope with all that goes along with it! I hope your father is able to receive comforting help to ease his discomfort. Having you beside him when needed is, in itself, the greatest comfort of all.

    • Lee 1st April 2016

      Typo alert! I meant to type “Having”….not “Have” as shown in my previous comment.

      • Shooting Parrots 2nd April 2016

        Thanks Lee. The worst bit is thinking this is me in 20 years time!

  • Yorkshire Pudding 2nd April 2016

    How the hell will you be able to cope with all the stress? May I suggest turning to the bottle? Sorry to hear that your dad’s health will continue to be a preoccupation. Poor old lad. Can’t he have just one night out at Spearmint Rhino?

    • Mr Parrot 2nd April 2016

      Thank you for reminding me to get out the bottle of prosecco that was chilling in the freezer. Purely medicinal stress relief you understand.


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