An Adventurous Egghead

Chris HughesIt doesn’t seem two minutes since I was writing about Too Much TV (or TMTV as the programme now think its known) and yet here we are,  five weeks later, and its run has ended.

Confession time: I did watch some of it. The bits about the current  ‘must see’ tv was worth missing, but I did enjoy the behind-the-scenes stuff, making the sound effect of walking on snow by treading in trays of corn flour or using sticks of celery to simulate the sound of bones breaking.

But also entertaining were the nostalgia bits and none more so than on the last show when we ventured into The Adventure Game, forerunner of The Crystal Maze in many ways.

We’re back in the 1980s  now, in fact 1980 without the letter S. The Adventure Game was intended as children’s programme, coming on at six o’clock on BBC2 if memory serves, but it soon had a cult following among adults. It was a quirky mix of fantasy and logic puzzles, culminating in the dreaded vortex game, but you can get a better idea from this video clip.

Yes, that really is serious newsreader, Moira Stewart, although personally I had a thing for Charmian Gradwell who played Gnoard. (All the characters had names that were anagrams of ‘dragon’)

Chris Hughes OldNone of which has much to do with this post other than that one of the contestants shown on TMTV™ was none other than Chris Hughes, stalwart of another six o’clock BBC2 favourite of today – Eggheads.

Chris is an inveterate quizzers having won Mastermind, International Mastermind and Brain of Britain, 2005. Yet here he was a few years before all that playing silly buggers with Bonnie Langford and some anonymous celebrity.

Anyway, above right is a photo of this moment in frozen in history (taken by me from the tv on pause, so rather fuzzy I’m afraid) and top of the page Chris as you no doubt know him today.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 4th April 2016

    I have never even heard of TMTV. Perhaps I have been leading a sheltered life but it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea at all.

    • Shooting Parrots 4th April 2016

      As I said before, it wasn’t really mine either, but it had its moments.

  • Trevor Rowley 5th April 2016

    How do people find the time to watch so much TV, regardless of whether it’s worth watching or not? I’m not a particularly active person, but, as a rule, it’s mid evening before I can even think of sitting down. Takes all kinds…

    • Mr Parrot 6th April 2016

      I’m not a great tv watcher myself and only sit down to programmes I really want to see. And there is an awful lot of tosh broadcast these days.

  • Trevor Rowley 6th April 2016

    Some months back, I calculated that watching a standard “soap” like “Coronation Street” meant that you would watch three/four half hour episodes each week – let’s call it two hours a week. At the end of a four week month, that’s eight hours spent doing this which equates to an average working day every month being devoted to watching absolute tripe. At least, for a working day there’s some financial reward for your efforts, even if you’re only being paid at the minimum rate. All you get for watching too much junk on TV is a scrambled brain and a numb bum, and several hours/days/weeks of your life that you’ll never get back. My current favourite is “Searching for Bigfoot” – they still haven’t found him.


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