Sunday Round-up

My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last seven days –
if it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

FrecklesFrecklist of the week: ran into a spot of bother when it described freckles as ‘imperfections’ on its billboard posters on the London Underground.

The Advertising Standards Authority has received half a dozen complaints so far, but isn’t expected to investigate further – unless the freckled are dotty enough to get worked up about it.

Old SoldierThe Unknown Soldier: A photo of a tearful veteran has touched the hearts of many on the web, but who is he? He is Russian for certain, but his identity remains a mystery.

The hardest word: Researchers at Ohio University have discovered the elements of the perfect apology. They are:

  • Expression of regret
  • Explanation of what went wrong
  • Acknowledgement of responsibility
  • Declaration of repentance
  • Offer of repair
  • Request for forgiveness

Who’d have guessed?

Train TrackFirst with the news: BBC journo discovers that children’s toy train tracks defy the laws of physics! Actually it’s an example of the Jastrow illusion, well-known to amateur magicians.

Tech of the week: Spanish bed manufacturers have developed the ‘Smartress’ that can spot your partners infidelity via a phone app, using 24 sensors to detect who is doing what to whom under the covers.

Between the lines: The police officer who caught a young motorist gave her the option of writing out ‘I promise not to travel in the wrong direction on a one-way street again’ fifty times instead of being fined. Sensible policing in my opinion.

Plagiarism of the week: Led Zeppelin are in the dock in the latest case of songs that sound similar equals big payout. In this case, did they steal from Taurus by Spirit for the opening bars of Stairway to Heaven?

It’s all a load of crotchets to me but there is an explanation of sorts on the right.

Loch Ness MonsterMonstrous find of the week: The Loch Ness monster has finally been located. The Nessie in question is the 30 foot robot model used in the 1969 film, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, which starred Sir Christopher Lee.

Things I didn’t know last week: Charlie Chaplin wrote the lyrics for Smile, famously recorded by Nat King Cole.

Brief lives: Howard Marks, hippie adventurer, drug smuggler and mediocre MI6 spy; Wing Commander Len Ratcliff, special ops pilot during World War Two; Johnny King, successful manager of Tranmere Rovers; David Gest, famous for being married to Liza Minnelli; playwright, Sir Arnold Wesker; Melinda Woodward, wife of Sir Tom Jones; Peter Marsh, the advertiser who brought us the Secret Lemonade Drinker (above right) among others; Gareth Thomas who played Roj Blake in Blake’s 7; Ray Fitzwalter, investigative journalist and editor of World in Action responsible for exposing the Poulson scandal and the miscarriage of justice in the Birmingham Bombings; Phil Sayer, the voice of ‘mind the gap’ on London’s Underground.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 18th April 2016

    Reading your Sunday Round-Up with all the helpful links means that I now no longer need to watch TV news or listen to Radio 4 news bulletins.

  • john 18th April 2016

    i was late to bed tonight and your post overfaced me x


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