Design for Death

Mushroom Death SuitWhile looking for an entirely unrelated film, I came across the one below which is quite an eye opener if you’re contemplating shuffling off this mortal coil. I hadn’t realised that dying, or rather its aftermath, could be so complicated.

I doubt if the Co-op do the Mushroom Death Suit, designed to ‘help decompose and clean toxins from deceased bodies’ and can’t imagine why toxicity should be a particular concern, given the deceased’s deceased condition.

Having my ashes inserted into wind chimes has some appeal if only so I could carry on annoying the neighbours every time there is a breath of breeze, while ‘breaking down the boundaries between the living and the dead’ smacks a little too much of one of those World War Z tv rip-offs for my liking.

As for ‘a mirrored solar panel cemetery to generate light at night’ you have to wonder why? It isn’t as if the occupants will have trouble sleeping and need to read a book, or to prevent them stubbing a toe as they stumble to the bathroom in the dark.

Still, if you’re interested in ‘re-imaging deathcare for the future’ then this is the place to look, although I suspect you might want to review your funeral plan insurance premium first.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 6th May 2016

    That reminds me. I would like to attend your funeral. Please give Mrs Parrot my contact details so that I can come over the hills and perhaps deliver a eulogy on behalf of the blogging community. I could also bring my guitar and sing “Morning Has Broken” with the lyrics on a Powerpoint so that everybody can sing along . Perhaps you’d prefer John Denver’s “Country Rhodes”?


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