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trafford-centre-terror-drill6Top marks to Greater Manchester Police for staging a mock terrorist attack of the Trafford Centre Shopping Centre to test out, but zero out of ten for apologising for having the suicide bomber shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before setting off his fake bomb.

Apparently there have been complaints that this was racial stereotyping, plain and simple, and might fuel anti-Muslim prejudice.

You’d think that the fact the police were simulating an attack by ISIS would give them a degree of artistic licence, but apparently not. Perhaps they should have made the terrorist a Methodist, Scientologist or better yet a Buddhist because they just smile and get on with it and don’t go running to the professional takers of offence..

But what should the Buddhist shout as he punched the ticket for his trip to oblivion? I suppose given their beliefs, it would be a very Arnie ‘I’ll be back!’

Now I’ve written that, it makes you wonder why ISIS bothers with all that rewards in paradise nonsense and promote reincarnation instead. Just imagine how many times they could blow themselves to smithereens for the cause. And they’d be in a position to take retrospective action for feelings harmed for religious stereotyping.

Anyway, below is a video taken during the exercise. Good to see that health and safety rules were followed and the ‘victims’ made to wear goggles and ear defenders. It reminded me of the exercises I took part in during my NHS career, but perhaps more on that subject another day.

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  • John 10th May 2016

    How amazing……where do all these people come from?


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