Déjà Vu Again

SheepIf you’re a blogger, it doesn’t pay to offend your readers, especially when you have so few to lose. Why I spelt Neil’s name as Neal I’ll never know, but it is now corrected thanks to Mistape. All I can say is that it could have been worse – I might have spelt it Kneel.

Truth be told, my eye has been off the the blogging ball of late and I’m not sure why. I’ve begun several posts then binned them because they just didn’t feel like they were worth the effort.

I was convinced in my own mind that there had been an incident similar to the misplaced training bomb that brought about the abandonment of Sunday’s match at Old Trafford, but I have to put that notion down to déjà vu and false memory since I can’t find anything like it on Google.

Then I started a post on the idiocy of horoscopes, the even greater idiocy of this government’s plans to neuter the excellent BBC website, chewing gum on the pavement (or increasing lack of it, if it’s possible to have increasingly less) and the madness of the Eurovision Song Contest.

I even toyed with the joke about the man who wore Tupperware underwear which might be uncomfortable, but keep everything fresh, as an intro to the fact that even now there is a Tupperware Party held somewhere every 14 seconds of the day in the US, but even that failed to pique my interest for long. (Or every three seconds according to some)

So what you’ve got instead is the photo above taken by Mrs P on her weekend in Wales this weekend. I thought it was pretty good, even if it loses quality when you enlarge it, mainly because it was taken on her phone, rather than a decent camera.

SnowdenTaking photos on your phone can be a dangerous thing, as Mrs P discovered on Friday. She had decided to climb Snowden in a ‘because it’s there’ sort of way and on her way down, she stopped to capture the moment on her mobile. In doing so, she lost her footing, stumbled backwards into a stream and managed to crack or dislocate the rib she did the same think to when we were in Cape Town.

That may or may not be the photo on the right, so it was worth it. We all suffer for our art, but some more than others. I was having to sit at home watching football on tv.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 18th May 2016

    A little tip for Mrs Parrots – swigging neat gin when climbing mountains is not advisable. Even feeling slightly tipsy can cause a loss of balance. May I suggest that next time she climbs a mountain she should leave the gin at home and instead put a small flask of coffee in her Manchester City rucksack.

    This subtle Yorkshire humour aside, I hope her current discomfort departs before May is over.


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