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Windows 1I had a phone from a non-computer savvy friend yesterday saying that her laptop had begun to install Windows 10 without any word of warning. She wanted to stick with Windows 7 because she had heard about the program compatibility problems others have had.

I haven’t experienced any major issues since I voluntarily upgraded to Windows 10 last year, but that aside, I couldn’t understand why my friends laptop should take it upon itself to do this without so much as a by your leave.

A quick search of the web threw up other people with the same issue, despite a denial from Microsoft. Apparently they changed the status of Windows 10 to a recommended update, so if you’re set for automatic updates, as most people do, it will indeed download automatically.

It’s more an inconvenience than a problem since you’ll be locked out of your PC for the duration of the download, but it’s a simple thing to do to revert to Windows 7 through the Update & Security settings, although you only have a month to make the change I believe.

It does bring home to you just how far the MS operating system has come over the last thirty years or as the image above of Windows 1 clearly demonstrates. I must be turning into a nerd because I actually found this article of the evolution of the system quite interesting!

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  • Roger Green 25th May 2016

    I voluntarilty went to 10, and it hasn’t been the hassle that others experienced. Knock wood, or the electronic equivalent.


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