Jo Cox

Jo CoxYorkie chided me for not mentioning Jo Cox in the brief lives section of my Sunday Round-up. He’s probably right, although my own view was that her death – her murder – didn’t quite sit right with the frivolous nature of that post.

What happened last Thursday, the stabbing and shooting of an elected representative of the people, was truly shocking and symptomatic of the malaise affecting the country.

I’m no great fan of politicians as you know. They mess with our heads to convince us that black is white and out is in, and all the time with their fingers crossed behind their backs. Jo Cox was different, at least for now, because she was young enough to still be an idealist and new enough to the greasy pole still to care. We’ll never know whether she might have become someone else, someone less like us.

Jo would have been 42 years old on Wednesday, as will Cindi Lauper who coincidentally is in  the UK and will appear at Glastonbury. Here is what she had to say when interviewed on Radio Five Live moments after hearing the tributes to Jo in the House of Commons and you can almost touch her incredulity at what happened last week.

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  • John going gently 21st June 2016

    Jo cox’s eulogy perhaps reminded us all that there are some MPs out there that want to change the world for the better.
    For me, that is a valuable lesson learned

  • Yorkshire Pudding 22nd June 2016

    How strange that Cindi Lauper shared a birthday with Jo Cox.I share mine with the brilliant and world famous British composer Robert Saxton. Who do you share your birthday with? I’m thinking Ringo Starr? Lulu? Jeremy Corbyn?

    • Mr Parrot 22nd June 2016

      I had to look it up, but I share mine with Lorelei King and the murderer, Dennis Bulloch, who wrapped his wife up in 37 yards of duct tape and put her in his garage before setting fire to it.

  • Mrs P 22nd June 2016

    That’s OK. I used up all the duct tape on Zvonamira. I share my birthday with such luminaries as Tinchy Stryder and Mr Fruit. There is a touch of the slightly bonkers about lots of us September babes.

    • Yorkshire Pudding 23rd June 2016

      Mr Fruit – the You Tube gamer (I admit I had to look him up!) is only twenty one and Tinchy Stryder is twenty nine. Perhaps you should have mentioned Morten Harket instead – much more your era Madam Parrot.


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