Sunday Round-up

My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last seven days –
if it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

RickrollingRickroller of the week: Worse than plagiarising the words of Michelle Obama, Melania Trump was also guilty of Rickrolling when she said of Donald that: ‘He will never, ever give up, and he will never, ever let you down’.

Bargain of the week: A rare Star Wars Boba Fett figure sold for £26,000 at auction which beats the previous record of £18,000 for another Boba Fett figure sold last year.

Plain speaker of the week: Judge Peter Thornton who has told coroners to use plain English after one asked a jury to determine ‘the polarity of the dichotomy’ during a case in Kent.

Big Feckless GitCartoon of the week: By Peter Brookes in The Times (right), with apologies to the BFG, but none to Jeremy Corbyn. And I don’t think the cartoonist’s first thought was ‘feckless’.

Game-player of the week: Orangutans at Melbourne Zoo enjoy nothing more than playing video games on their Xbox. Not sure if this tells us more about the intelligence of apes or the average teenager.

Fashion victims: Wearing high heels can damage your vocal chords, according to the expert who gave evidence to a parliamentary committee. Worse still, they can also impair your thinking and damage your career.

Free beer tomorrow: A two-mile-long pipeline opens in Bruges in September to carry 1,500 gallons an hour from the brewery to the bottling plant. The project to protect the streets from traffic was crowdfunded with the promise of free beer for life for the donors.

Crossword art Never a crossword: A 91-year-old woman obeyed the instruction on a £67,000 work of modern art and completed the blanks in the crossword-based piece in biro.

My name is…: No it really is Michael Caine since the actor finally dropped Maurice Micklewhite at the age of 82 because he was fed-up having to explain the apparent discrepancy on his passport.

Brief lives: Garry Marshall writer of The Odd Couple and Mork and Mindy; King Coal Richard Budge; Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, born in a London hotel room supposedly designated Yugoslavian territory for the event; Les Stocker who created Europe’s first wildlife teaching hospital; Elizabeth Harrison, the German Jew who fled Germany to join the French Resistance.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 24th July 2016

    I emitted a melania trump when I woke this morning. It reverberated around the bedroom like a bugle call. I put it down to the four pints of Tetley’s I guzzled in the local last night. Regarding Tetley’s, I’m never, ever going to give it up, it has never let me down.

  • Steve 24th July 2016

    Why do I think the “artist” of that crossword piece would probably LOVE the fact that the woman filled it in?

    • Mr Parrot 24th July 2016

      I’m not even sure the artist is still alive. From memory, l think it was created in 1967.

    • Mr Parrot 24th July 2016

      I checked and it was 1965 and the artist, Arthur Koepcke, died in 1977.

      • Trevor Rowley 24th July 2016

        Some years ago, I was in Lisbon and found myself in a delightful little wine, sherry and port shop in the city centre. Surrounded by all these bottles in shelves, boxes and racks, I was conscious that the owners weren’t very thorough with their dusting and proceeded to wipe some of the bottles – some were even covereded in cobwebs. This gave them (in my opinion at least) a much cleaner and sellable appearance. It was just before I headed swiftly for the door that I realised that the dust was meant to remain exactly where it was and, in some cases, some of these ancient bottles of port had been doing just that since the year dot. Some you win and some you lose.


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