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My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last seven days –
if it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

CronutStrange brew: It seems to have been the summer of faddy food and drink and it continued this week with the sky blue latte on sale in Australia. It costs £4.60 a glass and smells of seaweed, but the algae powder that gives it its colour is supposed to do you a power of good.

Crumbs: But if you thought that was a bit steep for a coffee, think about the £1,500 pastry that has gone on sale in the UK. The ‘Luxury Zebra Cro’ (above) contains cristal rosé champagne caviar, Iranian saffron-infused butter croissant dough, French delicacy Normandy butter, powdered Nutella and the world’s most expensive Amedei Porcelana Chocolate.

Sewer to BrewerUltimate recycling of the week: Researchers at the University of Ghent have developed a solar-powered machine that could be used to turn urine into beer.

Facts of the week: In our lifetime, we will sweat 74,000 gallons of perspiration, eat 35 tons of food, two weeks kissing and spend two and a half years at the cinema. See here for more wonderful statistics.

Rodent art of the week: Hamsters are hampered as far as artwork goes by their inability to hold a pencil or paintbrush, but a Britsh designer has developed a machine to allow them to express themselves.

Road rage of the week: An Australian truck driver gets his revenge on cyclists hogging a lane in the road by giving them a soaking.

Trump UrinalSpeaking of a soaking: A pub in Dublin has decorated the gents urinal with an image of Donald Trump. Bar manager, Tony McCabe said: ‘We felt that the only place Mr. Trump’s opinion mattered was on the wall of a urinal.’

Computer error: Hewlett Packard had to take their website offline at the weekend when they mistakenly offered a £2,378 laptop for just £1.58.

Bored room of the week: As a Frenchman sues his employers over making him endure a career of boredom, others share their most boring jobs, including filling pork pies with jelly, testing the viscosity of bitumen and polishing plinths for model ships.

Iranian Olympic UniformFaster-Higher-Eraser: The Olympics had to get a mention and the traditional complaints about the uniforms that the athletes are forced to wear, particularly the Iranians with suits that make them look like erasers.

Brief lives: Queen Anne of Romania, a country she hadn’t visited for 70 years; WWII bomber pilot Howard Murley; another daredevil pilot in Keith Leppard; Fred Tomlinson, singer on Mony Python’s Lumberjack sketch among others; Chief Dave Bald Eagle, film adviser and stunt double for Errol Flynn; Tom Clegg who directed The Sweeney and Sharpe; Dai Dower, champion flyweight boxer and; Violet Weston who ran Ye Olde Worlde Cafe for 75 years.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 8th August 2016

    I loved the lifetime statistics – even though they were from the damnable “Daily Mail”. I have spent eighteen months of my life reading “Shooting Parrots” and six weeks correcting grammatical errors in it. Commenting on “Shooting Parrots” has occupied nine months of my life on earth – enough time to gestate a baby.

  • Trevor Rowley 8th August 2016

    The Welsh boxer, Dai Dower, was an impressive sportsman, who, we believed, was going to go on to success beyond these shores. Sadly, it wasn’t to be but he still made quite an impact on the British boxing scene. Largely, in those days, all we had was “steam” radio and with a good coverage of boxing in the national press. Nowadays, it seems hard to believe that such sportsmen had no television, satellite or otherwise, to publicise their careers, but somehow they managed to capture the imagination of the British public. They had plenty of talent though – natural and not imaginary.


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