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My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last seven days –
if it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

Paint MixingWatching paint dry: The latest trending fad in the whacky world of the web is watching other people mix paint online. Very relaxing apparently.

It’s a miracle: Or maybe not. The Pope has made it harder to achieve sainthood by tightening the regulations which now means that healing miracles must be confirmed by two-thirds of the medical panel that assesses them, rather than by a simple majority.

Apologies if your name is Tim: From a letter to the Telegraph: ‘It’s hard to imagine being frightened of someone named Tim. If you don’t agree, let me put it like this. Tim Stalin. Tim the Impaler. Tim the Terrible. Tim the Hun. Tim Jong-Il. Ho Chi Tim. Tim Pot. Tim Hitler. Chairman Tim. Don’t sound quite as scary now, do they?’

An offer you can’t refuse: Martin Shkreli who put up the price of Aids drugs by 5,000% to become one of the world’s most hated men is auctioning an opportunity to punch him in the face.

Having her watch stolenWatch out there’s a thief about: I love Thailand, but you have to be careful, as this woman discovered as she had her watch stolen by an adorable thief.

Cold war: Iceland (the country) is thinking about suing Iceland (the frozen food chain) over their use of the name Iceland. But then Icelanders can be a little weird.

Noble research: Egyptian academic, Ahmed Shafik,  has won a posthumous Ig Nobel award for his work on the impact on rats of wearing trousers and the effect it has on their sex lives. Other prize winners included a study on the personality of rocks, the psychology award for asking 1,000 liars how often they had lied over the course of their life, and rating how well they lied, and a paper titled On the Reception and Detection of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit.

Godwin’s Law award: Anglesey Council’s policy of needing a birth certificate to prove that a child is aged under-three before taking away disposable nappies ‘has a whiff of Nazi Germany about it’ according to one reader of Walesonline. What’s needed is the woman who will potty train your children for £2,000.

Giant ButtocksBut I know what I like: It’s Turner Prize time again and in the best traditions of the event, this year includes a giant backside by Anthea Hamilton.

Not to be sniffed at: Much as I wanted to concentrate on what Donald Trump had to say during his first tv debate with Hillary, his constant snuffling was a major distraction. Was he practising for a role as Darth Vader?

Spare the rod: A school in Baltimore has replaced detention by giving children meditation lessons instead with impressive results.

King ArthurRoyal road rage: Following on from the remains of King Richard III being found under a Leicester car park, King Arthur now plans to take legal action over a £15 parking fine at Stonehenge.

Brief lives: Golfing legend Arnold Palmer; Israeli statesman Shimon Peres; transgender celebrity Stephanie Anne Lloyd; robotics pioneer Victor Scheinman; horror filmmaker Herschell Lewis; Field of Dreams author WP Kinsella; test pilot Alex Roberts;  Aussie fast bowler Max Walker and; Joseph Harmatz, the Jewish Avenger.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 2nd October 2016

    Those Thai children are from the Karen tribe. They have a reputation amongst Thais for their pushy sales methods and light-fingered habits and will frequently target unwary tourists. A bit like Liverpudlians I guess.

    You packed a lot into today’s Sunday Round-up… Timmy! Much appreciated.

  • rhymeswithplague 2nd October 2016

    Timmy was the name of the little boy in the Lassie (the collie dog) series decades ago. It was also the name of Dr. Timothy Leary, the LSD advocate. And Hillary Clinton’s vice-presidential running mate.

  • Trevor Rowley 3rd October 2016

    As Mr P well knows, Timothy was also the name of that absolute turkey who attended our shared senior school (Hyde County Grammar School) – Mr Mallett. I don’t think he should be lauded too much because of his questionable show biz career – although he did manage to issue a recording that reached number one in the UK popular music chart (check it out). Believe it or not, the same school also produced two other, quite separate, recording artists who reached number one in the UK charts. Anyone prepared to take a stab at it?

    • Mr Parrot 5th October 2016

      You have me scratching my head over something I feel I should know, yet it won’t come back to me. Who were they?

      • Trevor Rowley 5th October 2016

        This one’s my little party piece, Mr P. I’ve yet to find anyone who knew the answers until I revealed it to them. I may reveal the details by another one of my letters to The Reporter newspaper (my daughters cringe when I tell them I’ve sent another letter off). I’ll let you sweat a little while longer.

  • Roger O Green 4th October 2016

    I met Herschell Gordon Lewis! Our business library had a business book of his, called Big Profits from Small Budget Advertising, from 1992, and when we deaccessioned the tome, I scooped it up. So it’s now in the same office at home as my copy of FantaCo Enterprises’ The Amazing Herschell Gordon Lewis and His World of Exploitation Films, autographed by HGL “to my friend Roger,” also signed by coauthors Daniel Krogh and John McCarty at FantaCon 1983. Not incidentally, I worked at FantaCo from 1980-1988. I shipped the book out to distributors, but had little else to do with the book.


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