Hard or Soft?

statue-of-libertyHow is it that a nation should lose its collective sanity and elect a lying braggart like Trump as its president? I could go on, but Yorkie, Roger and Steve put it much better than I can.

I say unbelievable but it really isn’t. What with the Brexit vote, 2016 will go down as the year of the reactionary and I can’t see things improving much in 2017.

You only have to listen to the phone-ins on the radio to hear the glee that the liberal left elite has ha another good kicking and the assertion that Trump is a breath of fresh air who will solve all our problems, real or perceived. I fear they may be disappointed.

Look at what he promises to do. First, he says he will demolish Obamacare. America spends more on healthcare than almost any nation and yet it is beyond the reach of many of its citizens and the outcomes are relatively poor. The ones to benefit are not the poor and dispossessed, but the profits of the insurance and health industries. (See John Green)

He says he will reduce taxes when what he really means is that he will reduce taxes for the wealthy while everyone else will see no change, or lose out.

He says that he will  ‘make America great again’ by strengthening the military and yet he wonders whether NATO is such a good idea. And he will rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, all of which will cost an awful of money. So where is it coming from?

So where is this cash coming from? Less tax revenue, higher cost of healthcare and public spending going through the roof, his only option is to massively increase America’s already high borrowing so much so that the US could be bankrupt before the voters get the chance to get rid of him. (See John Green again)

Whether that happens depends on how far he goes on delivering on his promises – as with Brexit, there is a choice to be made between a hard or soft Trump. (Couldn’t resist that one)

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  • Steve 10th November 2016

    American voters are not particularly skilled at picking apart the details of a candidate’s promises — and Trump offered few details anyway. Just like Brexit, I think there’s a lot of expectation that can never be fulfilled. We live in a global world and Trump can’t reverse that. If he (and the voters) truly expect to bring textile jobs back to South Carolina and manufacturing back to Milwaukee, I suspect they’ve got another thing coming. As for public works — why invest in crumbling infrastructure like roads, sewers and bridges when we can build a gigantic East Berlin-style wall? Makes perfect sense to me.

    • Mr Parrot 10th November 2016

      Policies are complex issues and most people simply don’t have the time or the inclination to delve into those complexities. The majority vote with their gut or their heart rather than their heads which explains why they will even vote against their own economic interests. But I do worry that if Trump follows through on his rhetoric then America’s national debt will crash through the 100% of GDP barrier and then the country really will be in trouble.

    • Mr Parrot 10th November 2016

      I also wish I’d read Michael Moore’s five reasons why Trump will win before the event then I wouldn’t have been so shocked.

    • Trevor Rowley 11th November 2016

      Which nation does produce an electorate who can “pick apart” the details of a candidates promises? If the Americans aren’t good at it then, by the same token, I doubt that the Brits are any better. None of us are particularly adept at being right every time where politics is concerned – although to hear the liberal left “know alls” banging on, you’d think they’d all been born with brains the size of a small European nation (Andorra/San Marino/Liechstenstein – delete where applicable).

      • Mr Parrot 11th November 2016

        It’s true that the liberal left do try to compare and contrast the policies on offer (see the John Green links above) but they are ultimately drawn to the candidate who best fits the things they favour. What we saw in America and to a lesser degree in Brexit is negative voting – ie which candidate will put a stop to things we don’t like, such as same-sex marriage, abortion, action on climate change, immigration, globalisation etc etc.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 10th November 2016

    Hard or soft? This is not usually the kind of question one gentleman asks another. Some bodily functions remain confidential but may be affected by still images. For example – soft category – Margaret Thatcher, Norman Whiteside, Sir Cyril Smith, a jumbo bag of Wickes gravel. Hard category – Kate Silverton, Ulrika Jonsson (circa 1996), Susan George (In “Straw Dogs”), a pint of hand-pulled Tetley’s bitter with a nice creamy head.

  • Mr Parrot 11th November 2016

    Norman Whiteside? Methinks you’ve drunk too many pints of that pop called Tetley’s.

    • Yorkshire Pudding 11th November 2016

      I guess he’s be in your “hard” category – along with Nobby Stiles and Ena Sharples.

  • Peter 12th November 2016


  • Tonyu 15th November 2016

    Oh it’s not as bad as all that (and no, I didn’t vote for the man). The guardian and others are fanning the flames of hatred to deflect attention from the fact that they — or rather the DNC and the policy wonks — are responsible for the popularist surge. The Democrats have become a party of college professors, lobbyists, Champaign socialists, people with secure government jobs, and financiers. They have simply forgotten their own constituency, and THAT is why people voted for Trump. Not because they are insufferably racist (despite what you’ve heard, it’s pretty hard to find a racist these days, and you might even remember that white folk actually elected a black man last time and the time before that). Or that they are stupid. When HRC calls them (the average working man) “the deplorables”, at least give them credit for realizing that they’ve just been insulted. Most Trump supporters think of him as someone who shoots from the hip. He speaks their language. Ask hg Hillary about the “Muslim problem” and you’d likely get a stern exasperated lecture on how Islam is a religion of peace, with the insinuation that the questioner is a fool to ask such a dumb question in the first place. Ask trump ans he would throw them all our, and add for good measure that waterboarding is too good for them.

    The dnc are about to go into a period of intense introspection — long overdue on my opinion. Right now, the talk is that they have failed their constituency by not being radical enough. But the average Joe knows full well what these various boons mean for them. It’ll not work for shit and they’ll end up having to pay for it — just like Obamacare. The wonks would rather demonize Trump than get to work.

    Meanwhile, Trump is becoming more moderate again, has started becoming all kissyface with Hillary and barake again–they do go to the same cocktail parties after all.

    So don’t dispare just yet. If it wasn’t for the impression you have of Trump being a bigot which seems to be unshakeable on that side of the Atlantic, you’d be celebrating this as a victory for the common man!

    • Mr Parrot 15th November 2016

      Haha – I think I finally figured out to import comments from Facebook. Time will tell, but then I’m not a fake news Macedonian so I can’t be certain.

      I think you’re guilty of media manipulation as far the “deplorables” observation goes. I read Hillary’s quote and she admitted that she was being “grossly generalistic” in her twisted English so at worst she was as guilty as any other bigot. She also said that half Trump’s followers fell into the “basket of deplorables” so by no means any insult to all. You just have to work out which half you belong to.

      • Tony 15th November 2016

        You not seen this? A picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be at least that, don’t you think?


        It’s hard to miss the contempt. Mr. Parrot! You really think you old friend would wander into this committed forum without backup?!!

        • Mr Parrot 16th November 2016

          I saw the rather better quality and less edited version on the NY Times site. Yes, there is contempt and it’s called electioneering. In the run-up to the ballot, HRC was asking the listening audience which side they buttered their toast – free and fair-minded or racist, homophobic etc. Sadly, they chose butter side down.

          • Tony 16th November 2016

            Ah! Mr Parrot! Looks like bad electioneering then. I’ve never before seen a politician dismiss and alienate 50 million voters in just 47 seconds!


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