Am I Alone in Thinking?

Am I alone in thinkingI happened to pick up the above titled volume of the unpublished letters to The Daily Telegraph, the first in fact that came out in 2009. Among all the usual nonsense it covered the US election of 2008 and there were several missives that give a clue as to what happened last week.

What happened, of course, was a spike in ‘Make America Great Again’, or ‘Make America White Again’ according to some reports.

Anyway, the letters bear repeating:

SIR – Let me give you a little advice: stay out of our business here in the USA. You have no right to comment, critique or even nod towards us. It is against OUR laws for any foreign power to try and affect our elections. You are meddling.

Now, you can hate us, hate our country and our President. You can abuse John McCain and Sarah Palin all you and your stuck-up British prissyness want to, but the fact remains that the election is close; Mac is not backing down. In fact, I know for sure he and Ms Sarah are going to beat the little Messiah and his snooty Gaf master Joe Biden like red-haired stepchildren.

But hey, have fun living with Sharia Law – that’s what your Eurotrash white guilt gives you.

New York, USA

SIR – Your paper is very liberal. Of course, what can you expect from a socialist, faggot country like England?

I am proud to be from the best country in the world: the USA! And from the best state in the USA: Texas!

Bring your socialist, gay-loving ass to Texas and we will kick your ass.

Oh, and we are allowed to carry handguns here. In faggot countries like yours even the ‘bobbies’ can’t have guns.

Texas, USA

SIR – My sincerest apologies for the Bungler-in-Chief that some stupid Americans voted into office. What were they thinking? Barack Obama and his wife have no class and have treated Britain in a most terrible manner by snubbing Gordon Brown on his visit. It seems a silk purse cannot be made out of a sow’s ear.

Again, he and his wife do not represent all America – they only represent the welfare queens and the liberals who are ruining our country.

Please pray for us.


Setting aside that M.L. thinks that the Telegraph is a liberal paper, which must have come as a surprise to the editor, or even whether the letters are genuine or not – Telegraph letter writers can be quite mischievous – they illustrate the mood of anger that existed then in the US and which has grown steadily until we saw it in spades last week.

And for that reason, a Trump loss might have been as potentially dangerous as a Trump win. Tony Schwarz, the ghostwriter who turned Trump’s ramblings into The Art of the Deal which launched the then 38-year-old’s celebrity career, told the Observer before the election that if he were to lose Trump would: ‘try to mobilise the angry people who are his base to do something violent and crazy which he’d then have blamed on the next administration.’

Perhaps his election and the myths he peddled might lance that particular boil when his followers are disillusioned and hopefully rather less cross.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 14th November 2016

    Trump says that the guy he becomes as president will be different from the guy who fought for the presidency. Already his deluded supporters must be wondering “what the hell is going on” – to use a Trumpish term.

    • Mr Parrot 14th November 2016

      There is a quote in the Times today: ‘The media took him literally but not seriously, while his supporters took him seriously but not literally.’ If that is true, you have to wonder who were ones who were deluded.

      • Yorkshire Pudding 14th November 2016

        It’s a clever twist of language by The Times but it’s wrong. Millions of those who voted for Trump believed every word, lacking the political sophistication required to think otherwise.

        • Mr Parrot 14th November 2016

          I’m not so sure. I’ve just listened to a Five Live reporter interviewing two Trump voters in a steel plant in the Rust Belt of Ohio. The sounded like reasonable men but the main reason they gave for voting Trump was in the hope that the country’s heavy industry can be revived and the friends and family laid off since the heydey can work again. They distanced themselves from the extreme comments that Trump made during the campaign and actually said that they didn’t believe he meant half the things he said. Time will tell if their faith will be rewarded but I’m not holding my breath.

        • Trevor Rowley 14th November 2016

          So, you’re writing off “millions” of Americans who wanted to believe what Trump had said. I don’t suppose that’s comparable to the “millions” who voted for Clinton who, no doubt, you consider to be politically sophisticated. There’s a certain amount of smug self-importance creeping in to this debate, where the opposition are seen as worthless. Understandably, they vote in a direction that recognises that they have some value. Trump may well be a twerp (and a potentially risky one at that) but don’t write off half a nation as worthless.

          • Yorkshire Pudding 15th November 2016

            “Worthless” is your connecting word Trevor. I was certainly not suggesting that ALL of Trump’s supporters are politically unsophisticated and in any case just because someone is politically unsophisticated certainly does not imply that they are worthless. That’s your notion.

        • rhymeswithplague 19th November 2016

          YP, as is often the case, you are quite wrong in your certainty that the quote to which Mr. Parrot referred is “a clever twist of language by The Times”. It is not. It was first made by Salena Zito in her article in the September 23rd issue of The Atlantic.

  • Steve 14th November 2016

    I hope those letters aren’t genuine, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they are.


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