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A couple of weeks ago Yorkshire Pudding assigned an emoji to his regular readers and, for some reason, I was landed with the happy halo man. The trouble is, I don’t speak emoji so had no idea if this was a good or a bad thing.

I had to look it up and found that the ‘official’ is ‘smiling face with halo’ which wasn’t particularly illuminating. Then this site explained that it could also mean ‘I just said the most inappropriate thing’ which might be nearer the truth.

Whatever the explanation, what prompted me to write about this now is something I heard the other day, that a translation company in London has advertised for an emoji translator because these little pictograms are fraught with all sorts of dangers.

For example, the okay sign can be extremely offensive to someone in Brazil while you have to careful about using the thumbs up sign in the Middle East. I leave it to your imagination as to why that should be.

Then there is the way that the emojis are rendered and that this can vary depending on what device you see them because different systems use a different set of emoticons.

Which is why the translation company needs a specialist to help business clients plot their way through the emoji minefield which I find ironic since emojis were presumably meant to be a universal language. 🙂

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 15th December 2016

    I thought you would be happy and contented with your assigned emoji which was bestowed upon you with good grace and no undercurrents of ironic mischief. Your emoji represents moral goodness and simple happiness. What’s wrong with that?

    • Mr Parrot 15th December 2016

      Nothing at all now that you explain it, although that rather defeats the object of an emoji doesn’t it? Have you thought of applying for the translator’s job?


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