To Arms in Leeds

When we weren’t watching a musical in Leeds, we did a great deal of walking around to learn more about a city that neither me nor Mrs P are particularly familiar with.

If you’ve visited Leeds then you will know that it is a city of great civic pride, as you can tell from the Leeds in Bloom tub on the left already planted with cigarette butt seeds ready to blossom in the spring.

And close by you will find the magnificent statue of the Black Prince on horseback who took his name, of course, from the Black Prince pub which stands in one corner of the square. Other than that, I’m not sure why they aldermen should choose the prince to be commemorated since as far as I can tell he had nothing to do with the city. Personally, I would have gone for Barry ‘the Brain’ Simmons from Eggheads on horseback who at least lives in Leeds.

Wandering back from the theatre at 11pm and Leeds was alive with young people enjoying themselves. In fact, enjoying themselves so much so that many were collapsed in the gutter, presumably helpless with innocent laughter. At least so Mrs P assured me.

But on very much a plus point, we visited the splendid Royal Armouries which for my money has to be one of the best museums in the country, especially if you enjoy taking photos. Below is a selection of mine and I would dearly love to get a shot of the main stairwell with a fisheye lens (the first pic) to fully capture its impressiveness.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 24th January 2017

    As a “Peace & Love” kind of fellow, I have never visited The Royal Armouries but your montage of photos makes me think I should give it a try when the cigarette butt tree is in full bloom.


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