Sunday Round-up

My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last seven days –
if it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

Sleeping with the fishes: It is the end of an era with the passing of Granddad, a ninety-year-old Australian lungfish who has been at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago since 1933.

Trump in stone: The Italian town of Vagli di Sotto has decided to erect a statue of Donald Trump in its Park of Honour and Dishonour, although they say that it will be for history to decide which category DT falls into.

Short changed: Hundreds of runners have had their personal bests invalidated after the course of the 2016 Great Scottish Half-Marathon was found to be 150m short.

Lotto: A six-bedroom mansion in Lancashire could be yours for the price of a £2 raffle ticket.

And pigs will fly: Uber is predicting that we will be able to hail flying taxis by 2020. Time will tell!

Hanger on: The phenomenon of being both hungry and angry, or ‘hangry’ as it’s known, really does exist according to the New Scientist.

Your inner troll: Research at Stamford and Cornell Universities demonstrates that we are all capable of turning into an internet troll if the circumstances are right.

Apple Donut: The much delayed Apple HQ is almost ready to open its doors. The one-mile circumference donut-shaped building features the world’s largest piece of curved glass and was designed by English architect Norman Foster. I hope the quality of the construction is better than the quality of the official video on the right.

Knocked up: Claire Bowden of Shifnal in Shropshire has been given a two-month suspended jail sentence for persistently knocking on her neighbours’ doors.

Frozen dreams: The hopes and dreams of 1,000 people from around the world have been captured in an Ice Library of Wonders at Lake Baikal in Russia. (Google translate required)

Boy racer: If you’ve always wanted to own a Lamborghini, this rare example can be yours for just £22,000. The downside is that it is a 1957 Lamborghini tractor with a top speed of just 15mph.

Help a Dane: A Danish cancer charity has launched a humorous campaign aimed at countries with sunnier climes asking them to help the pasty-skinned Danish visitors by reminding them to remember shade, sun hat and sunscreen.

In the swim: A family paid £200 to have a tumour removed from their 20-year-old goldfish called Bob who was having trouble swimming.

Easy as pie: In case you missed it, Thursday was National Pizza Day. On any given day, one in eight Americans will eat pizza and it truly is an egalitarian dish because that statistic doesn’t vary much by race or gender.

Lost and found: A Canadian man who went missing from his home near Vancouver in 2012 has turned up in the Brazilian rainforest having walked and hitchhiked his way over 10,000 miles.

Damned with faint praise: The death of Leslie Ray ‘Popeye’ Charping should perhaps appear under my Brief Lives section except that his family had little good to say about him and that he was ‘abusive’ with a commitment to ‘drinking, drugs, womanising and being generally offensive.’

Brief lives: Springbok rugby great Joost van der Westhuizen; London marathon veteran Paul Freedman who ran his last race at the age of 90; Sir Peter Mansfield who pioneered the MRI scanner; Steptoe and Son and Hancock’s Half-Hour creator Alan Simpson and; socialite and celebrity Tara Palmer-Tomkinson;

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 12th February 2017

    It’s Tara PALMER-Tomkinson… or was! As for Joost van der Westhuizen – what a brilliant, complete rugby player. How tragic that motor-neurone disease destroyed him. It was so good that there was a communal applause and a silence for him in Cardiff yesterday evening before our lads broke Welsh hearts.
    Another great Sunday Round-Up Ian. Well done!

  • Mr Parrot 13th February 2017

    Oops! I stand corrected. It was a fabulous game of rugby on Saturday by both sides.

  • Roger Green 16th February 2017

    Trump = dishonor. Already proven.


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