I swear I heard Jurgen Klopp use the headline above to describe the strange world we live in as the reason that Claudio Ranieri got the sack as manager of Leicester City barely a year after he guided them to an unlikely Premiership winning season. But perhaps he has a point

A similar thing occurred to me today after Labour lost the Copeland seat they’ve held for eighty years and yet, like Monty Python’s knight, Jeremy Corbyn declares it is but a scratch even though his arms are hanging off.

You see my analogy? Ranieri wins the Premiership against all the odds and is then shown the door because he lost a few games and may even have presided over the club’s relegation. Meanwhile, Corbyn who hasn’t won anything, except maybe the hearts of the leftish madmen, and is certainly presiding over the relegation of a once great political party, refuses to go because ‘it is but a nick’.

That is the topsy-turvy world we live in where the losers like Corbyn and Brexit and Trump win and the winners lose. It is hard to explain.

One answer is the media. You could argue that Labour lost in Copeland because they portrayed Corbyn and Labour as a bunch of buffoons. Equally, Paul Nuttall’s failure at the Stoke by-election can at least be partially explained by the coverage of his stupid Hillsborough claims.

What I find sad is that a good man like Ranieri can be shown the door having proven his abilities and yet idiot politicians can cling on and cling on because that is democratic. But then that is why we have to live with Brexit and Trump.

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  • Steve 26th February 2017

    I was also dismayed by Ranieri’s sacking — and I barely follow football at all. I’m glad Nuttall went down in flames, at least. I’d rather have a Tory than a UKIPer any day.

    • Steve 26th February 2017

      Hey, my comment worked! For the record, I’ve been commenting for a while on your posts but I couldn’t get them to appear for some computerish reason. So I’m glad this one went through.

      (Also for the record, I am not a Tory. 🙂 )

      • Mr Parrot 26th February 2017

        I’m sorry that your comments weren’t getting through. Can you let me know what happened when you tried and I’ll look into it.


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