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My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last seven days –
if it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

Tap tips: If you’ve ever been tempted to practise your tap-dancing skills in a lift think again, as the message on the left spotted at a Premier Inn hotel explains.

Tanks a bunch: Tank enthusiast Nick Mead got much more than he bargained for when he bought a £30,000 Russian T54 on eBay – £2 million of gold bullion hidden in the fuel tank.

Get your kicks: The Chipping Camden ‘Olympick Games’ that have been around for more than 400 years have been cancelled. Organisers blame dwindling audiences and health and safety concerns, particularly in the shin-kicking contest.

Up close and personal: The Allen Institute for Cell Science in Seattle have devised 3-D representations of cells, compiled by computers learning where thousands of real cells tuck their component parts and you can see them online at the Alien Cell Explorer.

Straight-laced: I’ve been tying my own shoelaces for the best part of sixty years, but it seems I’ve been doing it wrong all along. Scientists tell me that my poor shoe-tying technique is what leads to ‘catastrophic knot failure’ and this is the way I should do it. Mind you, the five-year-old on the right has a pretty clever trick.

Slowcoach: Scottish midfielder Gavin Stokes scored a goal after 3.2 seconds in Maryhill’s win against Clydebank last Saturday which was a bit of a dawdle compared to Vuk Bakic’s 2.2 seconds in the Serbian second division.

Generation hopeless: More than a third of young adults admit they are not confident about doing simple tasks, such as sewing on a button or reading a map, while one in five is unsure how to boil an egg.

Ant 999: African Matabele ants often get injured when battling termites and so they have developed a chemical distress signal so that they can be rescued and taken back to the nest to recover.

Tweet of the week: ‘So it turns out ‘confirmation bias’ means exactly what I expected it to mean.’ – cartoonist Moose Allain.

Brief lives: Lucky Gordon who played a part in the Profumo Affair; Christopher Morahan who directed The Jewel in the Crown; David Peel, folk singer and friend of John Lennon and; Charlie Murphy, comedian and older brother of Eddie Murphy;

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 16th April 2017

    It is very sad that so many young people lack confidence when undertaking very simple tasks and in my view it is an indictment upon today’ education system. Our children spend big chunks of their lives inside schools and yet they don’t learn basic things like how to wire a plug, how to grout bathroom tiles, how to book a holiday online or how to bake a Yorkshire pudding. It sometimes makes me wonder what the hell they are learning. As for tying laces, the key factor is the grippability of the lace fabric in my ever so humble opinion.

    • Yorkshire Pudding 16th April 2017

      Oops, sorry – “gripability” contains only one “p”. They never taught me that in school.

    • Mr Parrot 17th April 2017

      Gripability is certainly important, but I have tried the recommended method and it does actually work.

  • Trevor Rowley 16th April 2017

    We’ve got Kim Jung How’s Your Father coming over the hill, Young Pudding, and all you can worry about is spelling mistakes! Get in the real world, fella.

  • Steve 19th April 2017

    I stopped buying shoes with shoelaces. They’re too much trouble. It’s slip-ons for me from here on out. (Which probably puts me in the category of people who don’t know how to boil an egg. Although I DO know how to tie my shoes — I’d just rather not.)

  • Roger Green 20th April 2017

    I remember Peel, from some fundraiser or other that JL organized.


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