Sunday Round-up

 My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last seven days –
if it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

Burger it: The world’s most expensive burger is on sale in Rotterdam containing ingredients that include Japanese dry-aged Wagyu and Black Angus beef, lobster infused with gin, foie gras, white truffle, Japanese fruit tomatoes and caviar.

No way down: Residents of an apartment complex in Georgia found themselves stranded this week when they woke to find that the owners had removed the stairs.

Must try harder: When asked in her ITV interview what was the naughtiest thing that Theresa May had ever done, she admitted running through fields of wheat when she was a girl. I can think of a few worse things she’s done, privatising the NHS, cutting benefits, slashing police numbers for example, and with more to come.

It’s a fix: GE2017 only went badly for Theresa May because of electoral fraud by the BBC as the notice on the right unashamedly boasts.

Ad astra:  But while the pundits pontificate over May’s weak and wobbly failure and Corbyn’s unexpected success where is the analysis of why UKIP’s share of the vote went into meltdown. Reading the ramblings in this flyer from one UKIP candidate offers us a clue.

Flops: I wrote about the Museum of Failure back in April, well here is a short BBC video on the same subject including the flop that was the Donald Trump board game.

Sub terra map: An Underground style map of the major roads of the Roman Empire has appeared on Twitter.

Blank canvas: Modern art is money for old rope but the ultimate has to be This Exhibition is Cancelled at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art where visitors are invited to ‘wander the vacant space taking in the complete absence of exhibits.’

Mystery May: A giant 70-foot high cut-out of Theresa May dressed as Britannia and giving a two-finger salute towards Europe appeared on the White Cliffs of Dover this week by parties unknown.

Anti-social: A Spanish woman pretended to be blind for 28 years so she wouldn’t have to stop and say hello to people in the street.

Confirmation of bias: What sort of racist are you? An online Implicit Association Test from Harvard University measures your unconscious biases which may come as quite a shock – it certainly was for me!

Rear view: Following Donald Trump’s remarks in the wake of the London attack, there is a campaign to give him a rude reception when he visits the UK through #ShowYourRumpToTrump.

Feline posers: The setter of the Times concise crossword went cat crazy this week with the clue ‘large cat’ appearing no less than five times.

Brief lives: Argentinian golfer Roberto De Vicenzo who lost the Masters on a technicality; Newcastle United and Ivory Coast footballer Cheick Tiote; arms dealer to the Saudi royal family Adnan Khashoggi; newspaper photographer Paul Armiger best known for that photo of streaker Erica Roe; inventor of the wetsuit Jack O’Neill; the original and greatest Batman Adam West and; flat-capped philosopher and the voice of Wallace Peter Sallis (above right).

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 11th June 2017

    I got fed up of those Implicit Association Tests – too long and convoluted in my extremely humble opinion. As for that expensive burger – personally I dislike burgers that I can’t hold in my hand(s) and chomp into. That one would need to be dismantled before you could eat it. A gallery without exhibits should be renamed “The Theresa May Memorial Gallery”. The echo of emptiness would be so very poignant.

  • Steve 12th June 2017

    LOL — I can appreciate that Spanish woman. I feel that way sometimes!

  • Roger Green 14th June 2017

    Theresa May’e running in a wheat field comment made it on this side of the pond. No wonder she almost lost.


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