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My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last seven days.
If it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

Rocket Man: Flat-earther Mad Mike Hughes who doesn’t believe in science has nevertheless built a steam-powered rocket in which he was due to launch himself into space yesterday.

Mnemonic of the week: ‘How to punish bad Daleks before many million earthlings truly see clearly.’ (For remembering the order of actors who played Doctor Who.)

Members only: South of Samcheok City in South Korea you’ll find the Haeshindang Penis Park, a collection of dozens of phalluses erected to placate a tragic spirit. Meanwhile, a US Navy aircrew has been grounded after using their jet to draw a giant penis in the sky over Washington.

Festive grovelling: As Lego discovered last year, one minute you’re in the business of promoting bright plastic bits and the next you’re at the forefront of political morality. But Paperchase didn’t heed the lesson and was forced to apologise for offering free Christmas wrapping paper to readers of the Daily Mail. I would have preferred it if Paperchase had offered their anti-Brexit Christmas card instead. The pro-Brexiteers prefer homemade cards as this one sent to MP Paul Masterson illustrates.

The money shot: A cameraman waited forty minutes to get dramatic shots of the demolition of the Georgia Dome on Monday but things didn’t work out quite as planned.

Santa gets the sack: The National Trust has banned Santa Claus on the grounds that he is too American. An email sent to staff insists that they should stick to the more traditional Father Christmas instead. However, it seems that their web team were not copied in as they helpfully invite you to ‘find a Santa’s grotto near you‘.

That’s the story of Hurricane: The video on the right comes from NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre and simulates the 2017 hurricane season by using a super-computer to track tiny particles of dust, sea salt and smoke.

True grit: After Doncaster Council invited the public to name their new road gritters they have ended up with Gritsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machinery and David Plowie.

Brief lives: Wimbledon champion Jana Novotna; the notorious cultist Charles Manson; Motown legend Warren ‘Pete’ Moore; Ecuadorean tennis player and coach to Jimmy Connors Pancho Segura; Partridge Family star David Cassidy and; actor and Likely Lad Rodney Bewes;

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 27th November 2017

    I must say I am rather glad that I don’t have seabirds perching on my penis. It’s bad enough with Billy our pet budgie. “Who’s a pretty boy?”

  • Trevor Rowley 27th November 2017

    The recent death of Rodney Bewes brings an end to any chance of resolving the differences of opinion between him and his former television acting partner, James Bolam. It was alleged that Bolam had refused to speak to Bewes again after a silly falling out many years ago. Bewes had said that he wanted to get back to being friends with Bolam but his death put and end to any hope of achieving a reconciliation. Bolam’s take was rather different, he claimed that they had merely drifted apart and gone their separate ways in the world of entertainment. Bolam had gone on to a healthy and successful TV career whereas Bewes seemed to be reduced to eeking out a living in various less than memorable TV series and taking a somewhat jaded solo act round provincial theatres. For many years, Bolam had refused to allow their two hit TV series, The Likely Lads and Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? to be aired again on TV, which perhaps suggests that he was the awkward one. Either way, now we’ll never know. When aged about seventy, Bewes was asked to describe himself. He came up with, “A man with a mortgage and an overdraft.”

    • Yorkshire Pudding 29th November 2017

      Free spelling advice:-
      N.B. “eeking” may describe the reactions of musophobics upon noticing mice in their vicinity.

  • Roger Green 30th November 2017

    my post Saturday is about recently dead musicians



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