I’m sorry if you’ve arrived here expecting my weekly Sunday Round-up but I have been otherwise engaged what with Christmas and family obligations. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed next week.

Meanwhile, as an example of the sort of things I’ve been up to, here is a photo of Team Parrot that successfully escaped The Forger’s Room at Code to Exit in Altrincham.

Without want to give too much away, we were locked in a room full of works of art created by the forger but one of them was the genuine masterpiece and we had one hour to work out which one it was by solving puzzles, opening locks and cracking codes. We made it out with twelve minutes to spare although we did need a few hints that come up on a tv screen when the going gets tough.

We previously tried and failed to escape The Blueprint Room mainly because we didn’t ask for hints until we were down to our last three minutes which wasn’t enough time to crack the last puzzle but it was still great fun. The rooms are really well put together and perfect for a family outing. Next on our list is the Dark Ages Room which I gather has more physical than mental challenges.

There are breakout rooms all over the country and if they are all as good as those in Altrincham then I really recommend them for a bit of fun.

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  • Lindsey Jackson 31st December 2017

    It’s great fun, I have done two rooms with colleagues from work x

  • Trevor Rowley 31st December 2017

    Perhaps surprisingly, they have one of their outposts in Dukinfield, Mr P. It’s on Oxford Road, next door to the Baptist church in a building which, I think, had formerly been a small sheet metal factory. It’s a funny old world.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 31st December 2017

    I have never heard of these breakout rooms. All new to me. How lovely that you could do this together as a grown up family. Nice to see your daughter is back in Blighty and finally a question which I hope you won’t find too hurtful – How come your son is so much more handsome than you are?

    (I forgive you for failing to put a Sunday Round-Up together this week)

  • Roger O Green 3rd January 2018

    Well, I think this is a SHOCK! No Sunday (which I didn’t read until Wednesday anyway). Happy New Year.


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