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My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last seven days.
If it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

Anniversary of the week: Hard to believe that this is my 100th Sunday Round-up and since I missed last week this one will be a mix of what happened over the holidays plus one or two look backs at 2017.

Beyond Satire: Starting with President Trump whose Twitter response to Kim Jong-un’s claim to have a nuclear button on his desk you really couldn’t make it up.

Protest of the year: Speaking of he with the Lego-man hair, this t-shirt says it all – Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Not My POTUS.

Paranoia: Of course, both of the above must be part of the ‘deep state’ conspiracy designed to bring down Tango Man. The Fire and Fury eh? Even Theresa didn’t claim to be both strong and stable and a genius? Sheesh.

And just when you think life can’t get weirder: Some bloke in Taiwan has Donald Trump’s face coverted into a hair tattoo.

Time flies: The holiday season is almost ended and yet Co-op stores had Easter eggs on display even before Christmas had arrived.

What’s in a name: Quite a lot it seems. Companies House rejected fifty names last year that it deemed potentially offensive. including Blue Arsed Fly Designs Ltd and Fanny’s Kebabs Ltd.

The dangers of drink: A drunken man who took a New Year’s Eve taxi ride through three countries ended up with an 18,000 Kroner bill (£1.640 at pre-Brexit rates).

And speaking of Brexit: That is what Tory MPs have nicknamed their son after he was born when Article 50 was triggered.

Cashing in: Never let it be said that our public institutions are not commercially minded as the Post Office proved with its limited edition of Game of Thrones stamps.

No political pandering: According to papers released by the National Archives, Margaret Thatcher refused to share a plane with a giant panda. But at least she was in touch with the younger generation.

Coffee anyone? One of those logic puzzles that has us scratching our heads. But who gets the coffee first? Here’s a clue – there can only be one answer. But if you’d prefer to find out how philosophical a class of five to seven-year-olds can be, try this riddle.

Putting their foot down: Amazon has been ordered not to sell Birkenstock sandals to people who can’t spell Birkenstock.

Brief lives: Actress Heather Menzies-Urich who played Louisa Von Trapp in The Sound of Music; linguist Randolph Quirk who promoted Standard English; Heather North who was the voice of Daphne in Scooby-Doo; Rose Marie whose acting career spanned almost a century, notably in The Dick Van Dyke Show; Carmen Franco, only daughter of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco; actress Peggy Cummins who starred in the flim noir classic Gun Crazy; Bronwen, Lady Astor who played a part in the Profumo scandal and; Doreen Keogh who played Concepta Hewitt in Coronation Street.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Trevor Rowley 7th January 2018

    Although I recall Doreen Keogh’s role in Coronation Street (she became Concepta Hewitt), I think her significant character was “Mary”, the sweet but rather dopey next door neighbour of the Royles (the Royle Family). In Coronation Street, she played the wife ofHarry Hewitt (he got killed off, not sure what happened to her). Harry Hewitt was played by Ivan Beavis who, in the early 60s, had been the company accountant at Industrial Models in Ashton-under-Lyne where my father was also employed. I wonder if he regretted leaving the splendour of Ashton-under-Lyne?

    • Mr Parrot 8th January 2018

      Doreen did indeed appear in the Royle Family, not to mention in Father Ted!

  • Yorkshire Pudding 8th January 2018

    What a relief! Companies House have not rejected the names I have proposed for my new product range which includes “Koran” toilet tissue, “Mohammed” pork snacks, bubbly “Mourinho” prosecco and Theresa May tablets which have the opposite effect to Viagra. John Worboys will be required to consume a jar of them every day unless he opts for chemical castration instead.

  • Trevor Rowley 8th January 2018

    I have a tube of “Isis” (I kid you not) shower gel – manufactured by M&S. I wonder if I can get it through Customs in my hold luggage.

    • Yorkshire Pudding 8th January 2018

      Ha-ha! I bet it stinks something awful Trevor. Take a bar of Fairy Mild Green Household Soap instead… Oops – it just occurred to me that Border Force might mistake you for a fairy rather than an Isis terrorist.

  • Trevor Rowley 9th January 2018

    Smells OK, young Pudding. By the way, do you have soap in Yaaarkshire or do you just have a swill under’t thoutside tap?

  • Roger Green 11th January 2018

    The T-shirts are on sale!


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