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My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last seven days.
If it’s news to me, it must be news to you!

April Fool: The BBC fell hook, line and sinker for the Observer’s Brexit emojis story as you can see from this clip. Other pranks included a spoof BBC report on the sighting of a Kraken on the Thames, Virgin Australia introducing the first in-flight spin classes, news that the European Parliament has decided to change the colour of Euro passports from burgundy to dark blue and Carabao’s Donald Trump-inspired mandarin energy drink.

Appropriate: Facebook’s address is 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California.

Gee whizz: Researchers at John Hopkins University have found that most people can’t recognise the correct form of the looptail letter G despite seeing it all the time. Are you one of the majority?

Cheeky burgers: Accrington Stanley chairman has fallen foul of the English Football League’s regulation 61.6 for not declaring the £200 he gives his team to spend at McDonald’s when they win.

Creepy: An artificial intelligence designed to decode the cypher us by the Zodiac Killer in the 1960s has started to produce poetry that is rather dark.

Comical: Jacob Rees-Mogg has been issued with a cease-and-desist notice by the editor of the Beano comic for breaching the intellectual copyright of their cartoon character Walter the Softy by copying his hair parting, distinctive round glasses and general snootiness.

Smallpiece: Following on from the statue of a naked Donald Trump last week, a biologist has named a newly discovered moth Neopalpa donaldtrumpi because of its blonde hair and small genitalia.

Brief lives: Actor Bill Maynard who I remember best for his early-1980s series Oh no it’s Selwyn Froggitt; Carmel McSharry who played Alf Garnett’s wife in In Sickness and in Health; England, Chelsea and Manchester United midfielder Ray ‘Butch’ Wilkins; writer and producer of Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue Steven Bocho; five-time World Darts Champion Eric Bristow and; Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 8th April 2018

    As Ray Wilkins is now deceased, I have decided to adopt his nickname. Yorkshire “Butch” Pudding has a very nice ring to it in my humble opinion. The solution to the “g” quiz can be easily seen with every “g” we type though in handwriting nobody ever produces identical versions of the typed letter.

  • Roger Green 8th April 2018

    I LOVED the Bochco shows – NYPD Blue, LA Law, and especially Hill Street Blues.

  • Trevor Rowley 9th April 2018

    Bill Maynard, to me, is best remembered for his portrayal of the bumbling Claude Greengrass in the TV series, Heartbeat. However, years earlier (late Fifties and early Sixties he had started his career as a rather smooth recording artist and also as a comedian (I won’t use that dreadful expression “standup,” as all comedians on a stage and in front of an audience or in front of acamera are likely to be standing up). As for Eric Bristow and darts, I have never been able to grasp the appeal of this game (some call it a sport). Admittedly, skill is required but it’s so bloody boring – it’s like watching paint dry. (NB It probably originates from the ancient art of archery, which I believe one English king ordered all his male subjects to practise weekly at the butts. But that was then and this is now, so to speak and the French aren’t coming over the hill.

    • Mr Parrot 10th April 2018

      I didn’t watch Heartbeat which wasn’t to my taste. As for darts, I tend to agree with you although it is incredibly popular which is at least partly down to Bristow.


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