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My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last seven days.
If it’s news Lito me, it must be news to you!

Plastic kingdom: Canadian Robert Bezeau has built a four-storey castle out of 40,000 plastic bottles on the island of Bocas del Toro in Panama.

Out of this world: Thursday was Alien Day, but not about little green men in flying saucers, rather the Alien(s) film franchise. And let us not forget that yesterday was the eighth Ed Balls Day. although some feel it is becoming far too commercialised.

Speaking of Panama: Trump branding of a 70-storey luxury hotel in Panama City has been removed after a row about the property’s ownership which the Donald has lost.

Stone me: Last weekend saw the Second European Stone Stacking Championships in Dunbar in Scotland and there is something quite soothing about the creations.

Le veggie burger? Non! French vegetarians can no longer enjoy a veggie steak or sausage after MPs that vegetarian dishes can no longer be described using meat-related terms.

Selfish selfie: The case of Naruto the crested macaque who took a selfie and then had PETA claiming that it was the animal that should own the copyright was finally thrown out by the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, the judge claiming that it was PETA that was exploiting Naruto for their own campaigning ends. Which will come as a relief to wildlife photographer David Slater who fell foul of this whole monkey selfie debate.

The fairer sex: Some years ago I made the rather fatuous observation that you tend to see far more blonde women than blond men forgetting, of course,  that women are much more likely to dye their hair than are men. However, it seems I may have stumbled onto something. A project to assess the genetic basis of hair colour has found that women are twice as likely as men to be naturally blonde.

Ship Ahoy: A toy pirate ship belonging to two boys in Aberdeenshire has travelled 2,800 miles across the Atlantic and is now nearing the Caribbean.

Fit to drop: If you have been training hard to take part in the arduous Boerne 0.5k run in Texas, the bad news is that it is now full. However, the good news is that for $25 you can buy the Procrastinator’s Prize Pack and pretend that you took part.

Brief lives: TV comedy writer Ronald Chesney who wrote The Rag Trade and On the Buses;  speedway world champion and Belle Vue Aces star Ivan Mauger; MasterChef semi-finalist Matt Campbell who died after collapsing during the London Marathon and; Main Chance; photojournalist Abbas and; The Old Devils actor John Stride.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 29th April 2018

    Stone stacking is a peaceful, harmless and pleasant pastime. Occasionally, I have had a go myself. Some stacks are quite amazing as they appear to defy gravity. Perhaps Home secretary Amber Rudd should give it a go.

    • Yorkshire Pudding 30th April 2018

      Later – I note that Ms Rudd’s stone stack has collapsed. It’s true what they say – pride comes before a fall.

      • Mr Parrot 30th April 2018

        And the government is officially Rudderless 🙂

  • Trevor Rowley 29th April 2018

    Ivan Mauger belonged to that fabulous post war era in British speedway which threw up such champions as Barry Briggs and Peter Craven. A night at Belle Vue, Manchester was always a night of magic for your average nine or ten year old. The high pitched roar of the engines, the pungent smell of the burning fuel and the cascading cinders into the spectators on the bends and the noise from the 40,000 crowd was a plentiful backcloth to a night of “dirt track racing” at the North’s major venue. Another star name was Ove Fundin (half the star riders were from Scandinavia, Germany or Poland). My late father always used the expression, “Go well, Ove Fundin” – I could only guess what he meant.

    The Manchester area was at the forefront of spedway racing in the late 1920s and early thirties and this era produced many characters – one of them was Donald Francis Riley who originated from Hyde, Cheshire. He raced as “Riskit” Riley and was something of a ladies man. My late aunt told me that he “chatted her up” one evening as he pushed his racing motor bike home from a race meet at the Belle Vue track. To her credit, my aunt kept him at arm’s length for the journey home.

    • Mr Parrot 30th April 2018

      I too have fond memories of trips to Belle Vue when I was a lad and remember the same smell of burning two-stroke and playing chicken on the bend to see who would be the last to duck behind the fencing before getting splattered with the shrapnel of wet shale. I didn’t always make it!

  • Trevor Rowley 30th April 2018

    Another name for you – Slant Payling. I don’t know who he was in the world of speedway, or what he did, but, with a name like that, he deserved to go far. Reminds me of the name Waylon Jennings in the world of music (and a link to Buddy Holly) …and Vic Flick (and a link to John Barry and the James Bond theme). What’s in a name?

  • Roger O Green 2nd May 2018

    veggie steak, almond milk – these terms confuse me


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