Sunday Round-up

My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last days.
If it’s news to me, it must be news to you!‘

Teaser: Another of those annoying puzzles – can you spot the lollipop hiding among the ice creams? If not, here is the solution.

Name game: I take umbrage at some of the peculiar names that people give their children these days and it seems that I’m not alone. A writer from Utah has Tweeted the dumbest names from her son’s junior high yearbook that includes the likes of Dezalin, Jaxon and Cambrie.

Sweet tooth: A 103-year chocolate bar was discovered in a tin that once belonged to a World War One here and is to be sold at auction on Tuesday.

Heartbeat: The 1995 hit La Macarena is proving a life-saver for people who have had a heart attack.

Contraband: The Thai military has been called in to tackle garlic smuggling after local prices plummeted.

Cutting-edge: Scientists in Leeds are using the leftover blackcurrant skins from the making of Ribena to make a new and natural hair dye.

Ouch: The remains of a rather unlucky man have been discovered at Pompeii, described as Wile E Coyote’s great-great-great-etc Grandfather.

Fake new: Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani claimed that the ‘Bronx Cheer’ he received from fans in the Yankee Stadium on his 74th birthday was a show of affection, rather than a comment on his new job as legal adviser to Donald Trump.

Brief lives: Astronaut and artist Alan Bean who was the fourth man to walk on the moon; Home and Away actress Cornelia Frances; movie poster designer Bill Gold; boxing coach Brendan Ingle; governor of Spandau Prison George Smedley whose sole inmate was Rudolph Hess; Satanic Verses publisher Peter Mayer; broadcaster Julian John Norwich and; songwriter Alan Gershwin, ‘son’ of George.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 4th June 2018

    I am so pleased that you noted the passing of Sheffield boxing legend Brendan Ingle. He was perhaps the greatest man I ever met. He had such goodness in his heart and such hope and he believed in positive action – not just words. He made a big impact upon many people’s lives in and around his boxing gym in the deprived suburb of Wincobank and of course he trained up several young boxers to become champions. Without Brendan they would have been nobodies but he made them believe in themselves and patiently taught them the basic boxing skills needed to achieve victory. There are not enough Brendan Ingles in this world.

    • Mr Parrot 5th June 2018

      Brendan wasn’t someone I’d come across before, but then I’m not the greatest boxing fan. However, the amount of media coverage sparked by his death is a tribute to a special man.

  • Roger Green 6th June 2018

    Jaxon is tame as a name, compared to some I’ve seen in person.


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