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My round-up of news, events and stuff and nonsense from the last days.
If it’s news to me, it must be news to you!‘

Sign of the times: In a sad reflection of the state of the high street, Toys R Us is selling everything from its US headquarters, including their mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe.

Can it: Deputies in Florida managed to take out an armed robber with a couple of well-aimed cans of Bush’s Extra Brown Sugar Baked Beans as you can see from this video.

Geography test: How well do you know England? Can you recognise these towns and cities from the one-word clues given by locals in this BBC quiz? (I managed a less than perfect 9/10)

For what it’s worth: A simple maths puzzle for you – can you work out what an ice-cream cone is worth?

You don’t have to be crazy… But Google Translate might think so. Enter ‘I’m a flat-earther’ and in French, you got ‘Je suis un fou’ – or ‘I am a crazy person‘. Sadly, this accidental truism has been fixed. But more seriously, this article about a failed flat-earther convention in Australia is worth a read. As they say, you couldn’t make it up.

Appetising: Heinz is considering renaming Salad Cream because only 14% of people actually use it on salad. And this may be true if you try these alternative salad cream recipes from The Guardian. While you’re at it, see if you recognise these famous rebrands.

Bee that as it may: Scientists in Australia have taught bees to understand the concept of more, less and even zero.

Brief lives: American political prankster Dick Tuck; founder and president of the micronation of Achzivland Eli Avivi; Scottish footballer Neale Cooper who lifted the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1983 with Aberdeen; tennis player and spy Fred Kovaleski; Dave the barman from Minder Glynn Edwards; fashion designer Katie Spade; nightclub owner and Thatcherite Peter Stringfellow; chef and author Anthony Bourdain; Mary Wilson, wife of prime minister Harold Wilson; Brazilian tennis legend Maria Bueno; the first Bond girl Eunice Gayson and; Jerry Maren, the last surviving munchkin from The Wizard of Oz.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 10th June 2018

    Of course I do not like to blow my own trumpet but I scored ten in the geographical quiz. Regarding geography, it’s is pleasing that lecherous Thatcherite Peter Stringfellow relocated to London all those years ago. He’s one Yorkshireman that I won’t mourn even though I admired his rise from such humble origins.

  • Trevor Rowley 12th June 2018

    You’re at it again, Young Pudding. Poor old Pete Stringfellow, he’s barely in his grave and you’re condemning the fellow. How do we know he was lecherous? He successfully created a business which heavily relied on sex to sell its product, but that hardly makes him a lecher. Also, why is/was being a Thatcherite so bad. Her views on how to run politics may not have been to everyone’s liking but that doesn’t make her a bad person. Although, on your side of the Pennines, it clealy does.

    • Yorkshire Pudding 13th June 2018

      And you are it again Old Pa Rowley! Sitting on the sidelines in judgement like a grumbling football supporter who seems to find pleasure in defeat. Was Stringfellow lecherous? See this from The Evening Standard – just as an example – “Peter Stringfellow was known for his notorious love life, marrying three times and claiming to have bedded thousands of women.” As for the name “Thatcher” it is a swear word in South Yorkshire and if you admired her you need your head examining…. unless of course you were being deliberately provocative.

  • Trevor Rowley 13th June 2018

    Not quite sure what being a grumbling football supporter has to do with this topic, Mr Pudding. Both my teams have done very well this year.

    Peter Stringfellow may well have been lecherous whereas the late George Best was just seen as “a bit of a lad.” Doesn’t seem fair does it?

    The “Thatcher” debate is rather childish.

  • Roger O Green 13th June 2018

    The hardest thing about the math question before actually calculating it is whether the ice cream was ADDED to the value of the cone (it is) or multiplied was

  • Steve 13th June 2018

    I’m not sure why Eunice Gayson qualifies as a Bond Girl. To my way of thinking, there’s one true Bond Girl per picture, and in “Dr. No” it’s usually held to be Ursula Andress. Eunice was there as a supporting character. Not to denigrate her acting or anything, but the Bond Girl label seems to be quite liberally applied in this case.

    I’m not even going to try that geography quiz. I know I’d fail miserably.

    As a Florida native, let me just say it seems very Florida to subdue someone by clobbering them with a can of beans. Only if it were a can of collards would it be more appropriate.


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